How to Find Someone Behind an Email Address?

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Apr 19, 2021

Nowadays when everyone carries 2 to 3 email addresses, finding the exact name behind a particular email address is quite difficult these days. Earlier it was possible to search the name of the person but now due to GDPR(General Data Protection), many ways to find a person via an email address are blocked.


We have discovered some of the new ways to discover who is behind the email address.


Ways to find the person who is behind the email address


Google Search


Google is the first point of search for everyone to search anything. So is with finding the person also. If you have anything related to a person, be it an email address, phone number, or social profile, it is easy to find that person on Google.


Just put double inverted Commas(“) at the start and end of the email address like “”. You will find the list of names with this email address. If Google isn’t able to find the address the next you can search on other search engines like Yandex, bing, or yahoo in the same manner.




Plugins play an important role these days in searching for anything. Install any of the chrome plugins to find the name of that email address. Some of the best plugins are “FullContact” or Hubspot for sales.


Also check: how to spy on someones phone.


LinkedIn Search


LinkedIn is also one of the best sites to search for the name of a particular email address. There is a possibility that you will definitely find your result here because LinkedIn is always signed with an email address.

So search for the email address and match the name from the shown list.


Social Network Search


As a human, we have a tendency to use our nicknames in our email address due to various reasons. We use that name in several places on the internet. So it becomes easy to find a person on other social networks where you can find their short names or other clues that will help you to locate them.


One of the famous sites which checks the usernames or email addresses is knowem. If a person is using his nickname on any of the social networks this tool will find that.


Bottom Line


If you want to find something by heart there are many ways to do that. Apart from the listed one above one can also try domain finder, similar domain website, etc. But still, there may be chances that you will not get any results but at least from this blog, you will have an idea from where to start and what else can be done to find a person.


Chuck Rahrig

Founder of E3 Displays

Chuck Rahrig

President and Co-Founder of E3 Displays