Tips To Write A Funeral Thank You Card

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Apr 18, 2021

A funeral thank you card is something through which you can express your feelings to your loved ones through a small piece of paper. Funeral Thank You cards can be difficult sometimes to write and express your feelings through simple wordings. We are here to help you in this situation.


Here are some tips and advice on how to write a Funeral Thank You Card


Before we start let’s understand that, Thank You card are for those who have helped you in your difficult times by providing you meal at times of shortage, taking care of your pets/child in your absence, delivering flowers, donating in the funeral expenses, sending a sympathy card, or for attending the funeral program, etc. You must keep in mind the following tips:


“Thank You Cards for those who have attended the Funeral”


Opening Lines

  1. Thank You for your time to attend the ….’s funeral
  2. It was a pleasure to see you at …’s funeral
  3. Thank You for coming to the celebration of …’s life
  4. It was very nice to see you at …’s funeral

Message Body

  1. Your stories were so lovely/sweet and special
  2. The stories you shared lifted my spirit
  3. You meant so much to….
  4. No wonder…. Always speak so highly of you, I thought you were such a special person.
  5. Celebrating the life of … would not have been completed without you.

You can add many such lines whatever you feel for a particular person who attended the funeral on behalf of the person whose funeral they attended.


Closing Lines

  1. You were a true friend of …. And now ours too.
  2. I will always remember your presence and kindness
  3. Thank You for your hugs and kind of support.
  4. Your support truly made a difference during this toughest time.
  5. Your presence made so much to me and my family.

“Thank You Notes for Someone Special”

  1. Thank you for always being with me especially during this incredibly difficult time. I am not sure how I would have handled myself without your support, comfort, and calmness. You are truly a blessing to me.
  2. I will always be thankful to express how much you have done for me. I will never forget how helpful, comforting and kind you were to me during this difficult time.
  3. Thank you in every way for everything you did for me to arrange this program and help me to succeed in this planning.

Last but not least. Add a digital gift card with customized prayer cards for an extra special surprise for the recipient.


Chuck Rahrig

Founder of E3 Displays

Chuck Rahrig

President and Co-Founder of E3 Displays