How to Find a Good Personal Trainer - Top 5 Tips

personal trainer | Chuck Rahrig

Apr 18, 2021

Finding a good in fact the best personal trainer is one of the tough jobs these days as everyone is concerned about their body fitness. No doubt anyone can tell you some tips to put on weight or lose weight but only a few can guide you on how to maintain the body shape you have always dreamt of.


The following tips will surely help you to find the best personal trainer in your area:


Tip 1: Don’t forget to enquire at your favourite Gym


When searching for the best personal trainer in your area, the first place is to enquire at your gym which you are visiting daily. Maybe they have some who provide personal training.


The only mandate thing is you should check the biography of each personal trainer. In a biography you can enquire of below points:

  • The time period of their training
  • Certification of the personal trainer and from where
  • His or her areas of personality

Tip 2: Search the classified ads


If the first step doesn’t suit you or if you don't go to the gym or you want to be trained at home. Then the best tip is to search the classified ads. There you will find a number of options. As discussed above make sure you will search with all important information and verify all the information with the official certification board.


Tip 3: You can Even Search on Google Map


With google maps, you can find the best match with location information and trainer’s reviews. All stating about the trainer’s bad and good qualities.


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Tip 4: Look at the qualities a personal trainer should have


Once you have found the trainer of your choice and under your budget. Next thing is to ask them questions to find if they possess the same qualities you are searching for or not. Some of the questions you may follow are their best interest, passion for fitness, communication skills, critical thinking and professionalism.


There are many such questions, ask what you want in them as a trainer.


Tip 5: Audition the Personal Trainer


If you ever get a chance to see your trainer and get trained for 1 day. Then it’s a good time to take note of how they treat their clients and what reputation they have. It’s important for a trainer to motivate their clients and push them hard to achieve their goals.


There are many more things you can do to find out your best trainer. But these are the top 5 tips that you should not forget to follow. Looking for a personal trainer canary wharf must visit our website to know more about us.



Chuck Rahrig

Founder of E3 Displays

Chuck Rahrig

President and Co-Founder of E3 Displays