Why is My AOL Account Not Receiving Emails ?

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Sep 8, 2021

AOL is a service provider which started in the USA, and now it has expanded to a different part of the world. It has certainly made its reputation of being a great email service provider. There can be a situation that AOL emails not receiving emails. You can solve that by yourself. For that, you need to follow the solutions mentioned below. 


Solution no. 1:


  • Check the other email folders like custom folders, spam, etc., if you’re able to see the new incoming emails. Then you would need to follow the process below and move them back to the inbox folder: 
  1. Open the email folder where you came across your new emails. 
  2. Now you would need to select the new email, which you think needs to be moved in the “Inbox folder.” After selecting it, tap on the move option. 
  3. Now select your folder where you want to move the new emails. 


Solution no. 2:


  • You would need to check your forwarding settings. There is a possibility that you have made some settings, because of which the emails are getting forwarded to an alternate email. You need to change to settings, and your issue will get sorted out. 


Solution no. 3:


  • In the present situation, when your AOL account is not able to receive the emails. Then you would need to make sure that you have disabled all kinds of mail filters. 


So, next time, whenever you think, “Why is my AOL email Not Receiving Emails” Then you would need to follow the solution provided above. Enjoy your email.


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