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Sep 8, 2021

Get chatbot development services to revolutionize how you interact with your customers and streamline all the business interactions. We create voice bots and chatbots using Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, fastText, Rasa NLU, & Microsoft Bot Framework.


We are among the well-recognized chatbot companies with years of experience and expertise.

Helping Businesses Since 2004


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PixelCrayons assists businesses, whether small or big, in setting a chatbot development team of their choice. Our solutions let businesses in several ways such as:


1. Reduce Cost Upto 50%
2. Finding Top IT Talents
3. Fill Gap in Your Skill Sets
4. Innovation & Compete
5. Enhance Your Efficiency

Our Chatbot Development Services


Our chatbot developers provide highly intelligent and sophisticated Chatbot web and mobile app solutions that can be implemented into diverse domains such as e-commerce, customer support, entertainment, delivery services, or healthcare.


1. Conversation Design
2. Chatbot Architecture
3. Natural Language Processing
4. Processing Pipeline
5. Deployment & Integration


Chatbot Use Cases


Chatbot can be implemented across different industry verticals as they can take care of multiple services like complains, customer care, and feedback, booking, searching, handling payment procedure etc. Thus, chatbot can handle a number of tasks in the following Industries:


1. E-Commerce Chatbot
2. Ticketing Chatbot
3. News Chatbot
4. Hotel Booking Chatbot
5. Customer Support Chatbot


Benefits of Using Chatbot


Chatbot is the demand of the digital world. It enhances customer interaction and provides them best in domain support. Here are some more benefits of chatbot:


1. Provides unmatched control and transparency during operation phase.

2. Can be scaled quickly allowing you to be the change instead of being part of it.

3. They offer easy to use interface and can be encoded to perform automated actions.

4. Chatbot are comparatively less expensive and easy to build but with a higher adoption rate.

5. Chatbot are more human and can also be programmed to serve in different languages.


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