Benefits of Touch Screen Technology for Your Business

Technology | Chuck Rahrig

Apr 17, 2021

It's essential to mention that the global touch screen display market is well-poise to hit the £70 bn mark by 2024. For context, half from this estimation was the actual worth of the industry back in 2015. More and more businesses are fast switching to custom touch screens to leverage the benefits of touch screen technology for customers and employees. There's no denying that touch screens are now everywhere- shops, workplaces, and public spaces.


Here's a detailed breakdown of the significant benefits that you can expect with Touch Screen Technology for your business


1. Engage Customers


It's essential to mention that interactive displays encourage people to participate in their operation. Under nine out of ten times, it results in the participants converting to customers for the business. This is primarily due to the excellence of interactive digital signage. You must install custom touch screens as your store-front, to attract the on-going passers. This will allow you to draw customers, engage them with your business and service, and promotions.


Interactive displays produce effective results since they are connecting the potential leads with your brand- in an interactive yet innovative way.


2. Boost Productivity


A touch screen doesn't only contribute to drawing customers for your business. It can assist your staff in running your business as well. Industrial touch screens can perform to their fullest under harsh conditions. Furthermore, they are skillfully developed to read commands from gloved hands, thereby allowing your staff to operate the screen without interrupting their work environment.


Furthermore, you can boost your business's Productivity with large format displays under wet conditions. The devices are designed with food-grade stainless steel and IP65 to allow daily wash-down. With such premium-grade screens at your disposal, you need not worry about humid environments or food manufacturing.


3. Improve Accessibility


Lastly, large format displays have provided improved Accessibility to people with physical impairments. Individuals, who struggle with abnormal eyesight can zoom into digital signage, increase the text size and images to understand any operation. Additionally, most interactive monitors come with interactive voice support as well.


In conclusion, it's only fitting to mention that developers are in hot pursuit for further upgrading the Accessibility in digital technology. When you integrate an interactive ouch screen into your business, you open doors to new opportunities for expanding your customer and employee base. In simple terms, touch screen technologies mean happy customers, inclusive business, healthy revenue, and productive staff.


Chuck Rahrig

Founder of E3 Displays

Chuck Rahrig

President and Co-Founder of E3 Displays