Top Things To Look For While Selecting A Pillow

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Sep 5, 2021

If you are looking for a perfect pillow for a good sleep you need to select from a range of pillows. There are pillows with cotton filling as well as those with artificial fiber filling. There are big as well as small pillows. You can also get rounded long pillows known as bolsters for side sleeping and antique grain sack pillow for neck support. Apart from pillows for your bed, you can get pillows for your couch where you can just rest your elbows and draw a comfortable posture.


Indeed, a pillow is a must for good sleep, but the size of the pillow and the density of filling depends on your sleeping habit. So, depending on whether you are habited to sleep on your back, stomach, or abdomen, you may need different types of pillows. Let us go through the type of pillows.


1. Feather pillow


The feather pillow offers soft support. The feather used in these pillows is small and curly which helps the pillow to conform to your head. They also have a natural springiness.


2. Down pillow


These are the softest among all the pillows. This is made from a bird’s fluffy undercoat. So, they make soft, puffy, and cozy pillows. However, they don’t offer good support. 


3. Memory foam pillow


Memory foam is known for offering great support since it is one foam that contours itself around the sleeping person and also gets back its original form when the pressure is taken back. 


4. Microbead pillow


These are made up of tiny EPS beads which provide hard and firm support. They make good travel neck pillows as they provide firm and hard support. 


5. Antique grain sack


A grain sack can offer firm support to your neck. Indeed, an antique grain sack pillow can be very good and comfortable for your neck. 


Sum Up


So, if you are looking for a pillow make sure that you have selected the right one for your use. 




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