Alena Kunde

Sep 4, 2021



Watching the stunning performances of professional skaters in the Olympics is super entertaining. For a moment, you really want to take up this competitive and recreational sport; however, you are afraid of the injuries during skating that many people keep talking about. 


Yes, there are risks in skateboarding just like any other extreme sport but there are also a number of ways to prevent them. So let’s dig down into this topic to know about the dangers of skateboarding and how to avoid them. 



You may have heard about traumatic brain injuries due to skating or related activities but the number of these situations are relatively small and it only can happen when skaters refuse to wear a proper helmet. 


On the other hand, bruises, strains, scratches, cuts, and fractures on the forearm, ankle, elbow, and wrist are more common. Sometimes, skaters can suffer from compound fractures where they get a new wound exactly or near the old one. 


Head injuries account for about 41 to 68 percent of all hospitalization and almost three fourth of the patients are older than 18. The number of people who get injured on the road or get hit by other vehicles is significantly higher than others who practice in skateparks. 


We have listed some common injuries in skateboarding but how we can prevent them. Muscular soreness or joint pain should not be concerned unless they happen regularly when you don’t increase the hardness of training. 


The common reason for these injuries is the cheap and low-quality skateboards. Don’t waste your money on these poor-quality products instead of the best beginner skateboard unless you want to end up in the emergency unit. 


Learning the proper knowledge about which skateboard is best for beginners and how to choose the safety apparatuses are highly recommended. Also, to reduce the risk of injury, helmets, wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads should become compulsory. 


So what is the best skateboard for beginners? The perfect product should fit your body size perfectly and have good quality which you can read the reviews from professional skaters to know. This factor also works for picking other protective apparatuses. 


Since a huge number of people get hurt from traffic, skaters should find proper places where they can enjoy their skating sessions without worrying about disturbing the pedestrians or moving vehicles. Furthermore, enrolling in a training program at skateparks with the help of professional instructors is a good idea to prevent accidents.


Alena Kunde

Alena Kunde

Alena Kunde