Effective Reading Of The Hindu For IAS Preparation

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Sep 3, 2021

If you are an IAS aspirant, you will surely know the benefit of reading newspapers. However, if you do not make reading the newspaper a habit, a prestigious position like IAS is not your cup of tea.


Many IAS institutes ask you to devote a time of the day to reading newspapers. However, not all are meant for IAS preparation amidst the various newspapers available in the Indian market. One of the most reliable newspapers for IAS preparation is The Hindu. 




People prefer The Hindu because of its standard. Since the IAS is a challenging exam, it is essential to read a standard newspaper to gather relevant materials that can be incorporated while writing answers in the sociology test series. You can either read the hard copy of the newspaper or the e-paper. 

Importance of reading The Hindu paper  


First of all, The Hindu makes a clear difference between the news and opinion very well. So, when you sit for the best sociology test series, you can present these opinions in your answers. Besides, it prioritises issues of national concern and generally avoids trivial items or page 3 articles.


The Hindu is rightly considered as one of the top sources of knowledge. Holistically reading the paper will add to your study materials. Every UPSC candidate should remember that they have to prepare themselves by combining their academics with rational thoughts and dynamism. 


However, there can be no doubt that reading The Hindu takes at least 4 to 5 hours regularly. Having plenty of other books to focus on, it isn't easy to take out time and read the Hindu for 4 to 5 hours. But this does not mean you will avoid reading it. 


How to read the Hindu in less time? 


You will be surprised to know that The Hindu can be read within 60 minutes. Yes, you read that right. You can capture all the necessary items covering the Hindu within an hour. This can only be made possible if you know to skim the newspaper and read out the right portions, and discard the pages that are not important.


Given below are some tips that can help you read the newspaper effectively: 


  1. Know the syllabus 

Having a detailed knowledge of the UPSC syllabus helps one pick the correct articles in the Hindu paper and discard the rest. 


  1. Avoid political news

Do not go through the political news or comments. The more you read political news, the more you tend to incorporate these ideas into your answers. But the UPSC answers should be unbiased.  


  1. Highlight the socio-economic aspects given in the paper 

In the USPSC exam, you will come across several topics that will ask you to throw light on your surroundings' social and economic aspects. Therefore, reading about the socio-economic developments in the newspaper will help you include them in your answers and enrich them. 


  1. Read issues of national and international importance 

Just because UPSC is a civil service exam to get an administrative post of the nation, it does not mean it has no connection to international affairs. All candidates should have an idea about significant global issues that have a deep-rooted connection to India. 


What to focus on in The Hindu? 


Since the Hindu newspaper consists of several pages, it is essential to know which page deals with what to skim through a few. 


What to read?

  1. Monday 

It focuses on the business section, the Indian economy, current affairs, and the sectors that directly and indirectly impact the economy. 

  1. Tuesday 

Read the open page to develop a unique and individualistic opinion. 

  1. Wednesday 

  1. Thursday 

Go through the page on agriculture, science and technology to know the new agricultural practices and the developments 

  1. Friday 

Read the art and culture section that has details of current issues relating to tradition and history

  1. Saturday 

  1. Sunday 

Reading the life page of the Sunday edition can give you an idea about the ethics of the paper and motivate all UPSC aspirants




Thus, reading The Hindu thoroughly will surely help you to write enriching answers. Besides, when you can make it to the UPSC personality test round, you can use this knowledge gained from the newspaper to answer. 




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