Different Ways to fix Google search not working on iPhone

technical | ishaajarrey

Sep 2, 2021

Various ways to resolve Google search not working on my iPhone

iPhone is an important device that millions use to access and use the Google search feature. However, they are not able to use the search feature does not work. For this, they can use the helpful ways given here.


  • Check and ensure that you have a stable network on your iPhone. This allows you to resolve the error of the Google app not working on the iPhone.

  • Turn your iPhone device off and choose the method to connect with its support service. Turn it on and use the app with the rectification of any error in search.

  • Delete the Google app and launch the app store to search for the same app. Start the installing process and get the app back to your iPhone with new features.

  • Improve the performance of the Google search feature by updating this app to eradicate the search feature and its functionality.

  • From the settings menu of the iPhone, rectify any mistake in the date & time setting to allow the Google app and its search feature to work properly on the iPhone.


Using the common fixes given here, any user can access and use Google search without any problem. However, you can also rectify Google App Not Working on iPhone using technical support. Gain help from them and rectify any mistake in the Google search through their technical skills to resolve various issues.



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