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Aug 30, 2021

There are so many online money transfer applications available in the market. So if we will not provide immediate aid to the customers then they might switch to a different application. That is why the cash app chooses to provide comprehensive support to the customer. As we all know that Cash app users go through different types of issues daily with their accounts. But the payment failure issues are the most troubling of them all. Also, sometimes people do not get their refunds when they take too long to report the issue to the support executives. That is why we recommend users to contact us on the cash app customer service phone number immediately to report the payment failure issue. This will help our executives to track the payment and refund back your money.

The Cash app does not want their customers to face any issue hence they have provided a cash app phone number to assist customers. Also, in this blog, we will tell you multiple methods to get a refund of a failed or pending payment.

Cancelling a failed payment: Generally, customers receive the refund immediately once their payment gets failed. Still, there are some scenarios when you would not get a refund. In the meantime, your money stays in the hold stage with a cash app. You have to cancel the payment from your end to get the refund. Here are the complete steps to cancel a payment from the mobile application.

  • First of all, unlock your device and launch a cash app on it.
  • Enter the login credentials and click on the sign-in tab.
  • After that click on the “Activity tab” showing on the home screen. You will find this tab below the home screen.
  • Click on the payment for which you want a refund.
  • Now click on the three dots (…) on the top right corner of the screen. You will see the cancel option in the menu.
  • Finally, click on the cancel button to get your refund.

If you are not getting a cancel option then the payment must have settled in the recipient's account.

Request a refund: Customers can cancel a payment until it is in the pending stage. Once the payment is successful the ball is out of your court. Now you can only raise a request to get your refund. However, it is completely up to the merchant whether he is willing to refund your money or not. If not then you can move a step forward and choose to raise a dispute.

You will get your refund immediately in your wallet after the successful cancellation of the pending payment. Moreover, the refund timelines for a debit card and credit card payment are somewhere different. If you have used the debit to process payment then you will get the refund in the next 3 working days. Whereas, the transaction done from a credit card will be refunded in 15 working days. Also, the charges taken for credit card payment will be refunded to your source account. So, you are suggested to wait for the mentioned time. If you haven't received your refund in the promised time then you can raise your query to the support team.

Additionally, if you are facing any issue in cancelling a payment or requesting a refund then you can call us on the cash app number. Our executives will listen to your problem and provide a solution accordingly. You might be unable to cancel the payment because you are following incorrect steps to do it. Therefore it is mandatory to contact an expert if you are facing any issue with your account.


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