How to Troubleshoot Printer Setup Issues via setup

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Apr 16, 2021

Proceed with steps below for wireless


Firstly, check whether the HP Envy printer and the router supports WPS push button. Secondly, press the WPS button on the HP Envy printer. Next, check for the blinking LED and then go-ahead. Finally, with 2 seconds after pressing the WPS button on the printer, on the WPS button the router. Check whether the HP Envy printer get network access


Driver Download


How to download HP Envy printer driver?


  • The downloading of HP Envy Printer drivers can be done from the
  • Now, enter the model number of the HP Envy printer. After that, in the next screen, choose the operating system and the language
  • HP Envy Driver download for Mac and Windows has to be chosen from the pull-down list. View for the given details and click the Download option
  • After downloading the HP printer driver from the - setup, the file will be saved at the location desired location
  • Finally, double click the driver file and set ou to install it. The HP drivers installation is done, after completing all the prompts on-screen

How to Connect HP Envy Printer to Wi-Fi networks?


  • To link the HP Envy printer to the Wi-Fi networks, firstly gather all the network information including SSID and password
  • Next, turn on the printer on
  • From the printer control panel, tap the Wireless icon and the wireless screen will appear
  • After that, tap Settings and under that tap Wireless Setup Wizard
  • Finally, proceed with the prompts onscreen to complete the HP Envy wireless setup

How to Fix the Issues with HP Envy Printer Setup?


  • To troubleshoot the issues with, firstly check whether the basic setup is done perfectly
  • Never insert papers that are curled or torn in the input tray
  • If the error is with driver installation, then make sure to uninstall the features of HP Envy printer driver
  • For HP Envy printer offline issue, right-click the printer icon and then click Use printer online
  • Try to restart the HP Printer and computer, in case if it persists then, reinstall the printer driver

Genral Setup


The HP Officejet printers package consists of the Printer, setup poster, reference guide, ink cartridges, power cords. Do all the essential connections to power up the After that, go on with the initial setup such as choosing your language, country, date and time. Next, on the control panel of the printer, tap the Wireless icon. Now, the Wireless Summary screen will appear. Secondly, tap Settings and then tap Wireless Setup Wizard. Finally, proceed with the control panel instructions to get the printer’s access to the network


Driver Download


  • The printer driver for HP OfficeJet can be downloaded from the Visit the site on the computer and click the Printer icon first. Secondly, in the next window, enter the model number of the printer in the given box and click Submit. This will direct you to the HP Software and Drivers section. In the Change preferred operating system will appear two drop-down box.
  • From the first box, choose your operating system, that is Windows or Mac. Under the second box, select the version of the OS. Finally, check for the details and click the download button. The driver file will be downloaded in the selected destination. And most importantly, double-click the file to run and install the driver. The HP Officejet Pro driver download can be done with the above information

Installing HP LaserJet printer driver For Windows


  • Firstly, on the Widows, access the control panel. Next, click the Devices and Printers option and then choose Add a printer
  • And from the Choose a device or printer to add this PC, opt for the printer and then click Next and then carry on with the instructions on the screen to install the driver
  • Secondly, choose the port that the printer uses and opt Next. After that, opt for Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname. Now, opt for the Auto detect under the Device type pull-down list
  • Finally, enter the IP address of the printer driver and then wait for the computer to install the printer driver using

Troubleshoot Printer Setup Issues via


Troubleshoot Printer Setup Issues


  • Do you end up with issues and errors as you proceed with Tips and tricks are many to resolve it.

  • Check if you can download the troubleshooting manual visiting the compatible webpage

Printing Error


  • If it is a printing error, clear the stuck jobs inside your printer.

  • Validate and verify the printer settings.

  • If you are using the mobile printing feature, check the compatibility of mobile printing apps.

  • Verify the Print settings before printing.

Software Error


  • Validate and verify the software version.

  • If the version is not compatible, uninstall and proceed with the installation.

  • Always provide the valid version and printer name visiting the software and driver download tab.

Network Issues


  • Print a network test page, if you end up receiving network issues. Do not use wrong credentials for your network.

  • Disconnect the device from the existing connection and try selecting an alternate connection.

  • Printer offline- Do not allow your printer to go offline. In case if you receive an offline error message, use the print and scan doctor tool to run a quick scan. Click on the Fix Printing and Fix scanning option to run the tool.

  • Manual reset- Disconnect the cables connected. Switch of the device and connect it back after a while. If performing an automatic reset is your choice, check if the compatible settings are available.

  • Check the hardware connected- Do not use the wrong port to connect the hardware. It’s always recommended using good quality cables to use with HP.

  • Scan your device- Use the compatible HP printer scan tools and its better to remove the external software installed on your Printer.

To get an idea of issues and the troubleshooting guide, use the Printer support number



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