How to connect HP 6960 printer to WiFi?

Steffen Charles

Aug 30, 2021

If you don't know How to Connect HP 6960 Printer to WiFi, follow a few steps mentioned here. First of all, make sure that you've all the required items. You need a Network name, Network password, computer connected to the same wireless network as your HP OfficeJet Pro 6960, and a strong internet connection. Now, turn on your HP printer, router, and computer. Unplug the Ethernet cables from the printer. Install the printer driver on your computer device to set up the HP printer on a wireless network. During the guided installation, it may prompt you to connect the USB. It's necessary to transfer some wireless information to the printer. Select your printer and enter your printer model number and select Submit to complete the process. You can also refer to the printer manual for more details, such as How to Connect 3635 Printer to WiFi, etc.


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