What to do When Your Facebook Account Is Locked?

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Aug 27, 2021

With a more than 2 billion user base, Facebook is the most popular social media platform. However, recent security threats prompted it to enforce strict guidelines and take security measures. Many of the users may not be aware of the fact that Facebook has the power to disable or lock any account at any time. If your Facebook account is also locked and you are not sure how to unlock it or access your account, then keep reading further to fix it.


How to Get your Account Back

There can be various reasons behind your account being locked. Some of them include suspicious activity detected by Facebook, logging in on multiple devices, violating the terms of use and community standard, an excessive number of friends, and so on. Here are the methods that can help you to retrieve your locked account.


  1. Wait for a couple of days

Usually, Facebook unlocks the account after 2-3 days. So, it is futile to make attempts to log in to your account in the meanwhile. After 2-3 days, you can open your browser, clear cache and try to log in to your account. 


  1. Verify your Identity


With the Facebook account locked confirm identity method, you can get back the access to your account. All you have to do is to verify your authorization on the Facebook account. Go to Facebook Identification Page. Then, enter your email address or mobile number associated with your Facebook account. You will get a 6 digit code that you can use to create a new password. The identity verification method is the most recommended approach in such cases. 


  1. Make an Appeal to Facebook


You can send an appeal to Facebook stating clarification. However, if you have violated Facebook Community Guidelines, then this method may not work.


  1. Take help from your Trusted Contacts


You can use your trusted contacts to get your account back. You can go to Facebook Identification Page, and enter your email address or mobile number. Then, select ‘No longer Have Access to these’ and enter a new email address. After that click on ‘Reveal my Trusted Contacts’. Follow the instructions given ahead and collect the recovery code and access your account.


Once you access your account, you get a notification for it. However, sometimes users also complain of the FB notifications not working issue. In that case, check your notification settings or try to log out and then log in back again.

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