How long does it take to get a refund from TAP Portugal ?

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Aug 27, 2021

Cancelling the flight ticket is the toughest part of a travelers life. And the sad part is that they need to worry about the refund. But if you have booked your ticket with Tap Portugal, you don’t need to worry about your ticket money.


According to the Tap Portugal refund policy you get your refund within seven days after the process is started. You need to check the refund policy to avoid disappointment at the end. Mostly, you need to have a refundable ticket, and the booking should be cancelled seven days before the scheduled departure to get the benefit of a 24-hour refund policy.


Steps to get the refund from Tap Portugal


  • You need to get to the official website of Tap Portugal


  • There you need to fill the Refund form from the customer service page.


  • Give all the information required in the form and attach the proof to support the reason for your cancellation.


  • Click on the Submit button to send the request.


  • You can also request a return at the time of cancellation.


  • You will get the confirmation email in your inbox, and then you will get the refund within 20 days in total.


We hope that you got the answer to your question about How to get a refund from tap Portugal. You can also contact the customer service of the airline to get your refund back. Head to the contact page of the airline and call on the number given as per the services required.


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