Capgemini Technical Interview Questions and Answers

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Aug 27, 2021

Uplifting news! You are quite certain to get into this third round of the screening Capgemini Technical Interview. Having a solid establishment in the Coding this round ought to be a cake-stroll for you in Capgemini Recruitment Process for Freshers 

Here comes an up close and personal meeting. All that you would be tried is essential Computer Science ideas. 

Your insight in both procedural dialects like C and item situated dialects, for example, C++ are the absolute most plausible inquiries in the meeting. 

Allow us to view a few inquiries. 


Capgemini Questions on Basic Computer Science Concepts 

  • What is Memory Leak in C? 

A memory spill happens when software engineers make a memory in the load and neglect to erase it. It diminishes the productivity of the exhibition of the framework. 

  • What are the essential ideas of OOP dialects? Is it an impulse for a theoretical class to have a theoretical strategy? 

The essential OOPs ideas are Object, Class, Method, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Abstraction. 

Information Abstraction may likewise be characterized as the method involved with distinguishing just the necessary qualities of an article overlooking the superfluous subtleties. The inconsequential or the trivial items units are not shown to the client. Ex: A vehicle is seen as a vehicle instead of its parts. 

To answer the second piece of the inquiry it is a great idea to be knowledgeable for certain principles about unique classes and conceptual techniques. 

  • A theoretical class is a class that is proclaimed with a theoretical catchphrase. 
  • n dynamic strategy is a technique that is pronounced without an execution. 
  • n dynamic class might have every theoretical technique. Some of them can be substantial techniques 
  • A strategy characterized theoretical should consistently be re-imagined in the subclass, in this way making superseding obligatory OR either make subclass itself dynamic. 
  • Any class that contains at least one unique strategies should likewise be pronounced with theoretical watchword. 
  • here can be no object of a theoretical class. That is, a theoretical class can not be straightforwardly started up with the new administrator. 
  • A theoretical class can have parametrized constructors and default constructor is consistently present in a theoretical class. 


  • What is autoboxing and unpacking in JAVA? 

Autoboxing: Automatic transformation of crude sorts to the object of their relating covering classes is known as autoboxing. For instance – transformation of int to Integer, long to Long, twofold to Double, and so forth 

Unpacking: It is only the opposite course of autoboxing. Consequently changing over an object of a covering class to its comparing crude sort is known as unpacking. For instance – transformation of Integer to int, Long to long, Double to twofold, and so on 

  • "Reflection and epitome are corresponding ideas." Justify this assertion. 

Reflection and exemplification are reciprocal ideas. From one viewpoint, reflection centers around the conduct of an article. Then again, embodiment centers around the execution of an item's conduct. Exemplification is generally accomplished by concealing data about the inside condition of an object and along these lines, can be viewed as a technique used to give deliberation. 

Different ideas like data sets, PC organizing which is the core of Computer Science. Allow us to have a sneak look at a portion of the most loved subjects of the Technical Interview. 

  • What does SQL rely on? Give a few benefits of SQL. 

SQL is Structured Query Language, which is a coding for putting away, controlling and recovering information put away in a social data set. 

  • Rapid: SQL Queries can be utilized to recover a lot of records from a data set rapidly and productively. 
  • Distinct Standards Exist: SQL data sets utilize the since a long time ago settled norm, which is being embraced by ANSI and ISO. Non-SQL data sets don't stick to any unmistakable norm. 
  • No Coding Required: Using standard SQL it is simpler to oversee information base frameworks without composing a generous measure of code. 
  • The development of ORDBMS: Previously SQL data sets were inseparable from social data sets. With the development of Object-Oriented DBMS, object stockpiling abilities are stretched out to social information bases. 


  • Distinction among essential and optional keys. 

Essential Key 

It is utilized for Unique distinguishing proof of lines 

We have just a single Primary Key for every table 

A Primary Key is one of the applicant keys or unchangeable super keys, contingent upon data set planner. 

Auxiliary Key 

It is utilized for distinguishing proof of lines yet not generally Unique 

We can have numerous Secondary Keys per table 

The property utilized for Secondary key are not the ones utilized for Super Key for example Auxiliary Key isn't so much as one of the Super Key. 


  • Where would one be able to utilize dataset.clone()? 

Dataset.clone() duplicates simply the construction of the dataset (counting every one of the information tables, patterns, relations, and requirements.); anyway it doesn't duplicate the information. Dataset.copy() duplicates both the dataset structure and the information. 

Nowadays distributed computing is stylish. Essential information on this point is normal and thinking about it very well may be positive for you. 

  • What is distributed computing? Name a couple of renowned suppliers of this assistance. 

Distributed computing is the on-request accessibility of the PC framework assets, particularly information stockpiling and registering power, without direct dynamic administration by the client. A portion of the renowned cloud specialist co-ops are Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform(GCP), IBM Cloud, and so on 

In processing, a web application or web application is a customer worker PC program that the customer (counting the UI and customer side rationale) runs in an internet browser. With the resurgence of web application systems like Angular, React, Express and some more, knowing a few basics of how a web application capacities is genuinely a good to beat all. 

Enlist for Free Online CRT Course - Online Classes - Practice Question 

  • In a web application, what is HTML5? How would we carry out the application reserve in it? 

HTML5 gives an application reserve instrument that lets electronic applications run disconnected. Designers can utilize the Application Cache (AppCache)interface to determine the assets that the program should store and make it accessible to the disconnected clients. Applications that are stored burden and work accurately regardless of whether clients click the revive button when they are disconnected. 

The application reserve gives a web application the accompanying advantages: 

  • Disconnected perusing: clients can explore a site in any event, when they are disconnected. 
  • Speed: reserved assets are nearby, and along these lines load quicker. 
  • Decreased worker load: the program just downloads assets that have transformed from the worker. 
  • To wrap things up, a Technical meeting without Coding ability! Be prepared to compose code before your questioner. 

The questioner might request you to compose a little piece from code before him and request that you stroll through the code you have created during the meeting. Ensure that you concoct the right rationale and that your program is hearty. You are pardoned in the event that you don't have a clue about the right grammar or careful elements of programming language yet fundamental stretching articulations like if-else conditions, switch explanations, and so forth and circling builds like for, do-while, while are set up and utilized fittingly when creating code before the developer. 

Allow us to see a few kinds of coding questions you may experience in the meeting. 

  • Compose code for the inclusion of a component into a Linked rundown and clarify it. 
  • Compose code to process the factorial of a number. 
  • Compose code to show the Fibonacci series up to n. You can pick between an iterative or a recursive methodology. Yet, guarantee to clarify the picked approach well before the questioner. 

So these are some sort of fundamental Capgemini Technical Interview Questions that you may be asked during the meeting. 

Kindly don't begin freezing the second the questioner asks you a Coding inquiry. Try to avoid panicking, thoroughly consider and produce the code appropriately. Have confidence in your adapting up until now and face this round with certainty.




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