What are the ways to contact Verizon Customer Service


Aug 26, 2021

How to contact a live person at Verizon to seek prompt assistance? 


Verizon is a famous telecommunication company known for offering its users the best internet, TV, wireless, and phone services. Indeed, the services offered by Verizon are the finest, but there are times when users might face some issues with the services.


Resolving Verizon issues is quite simple, but some users might need assistance to fix specific issues. So, in such situations, the user can opt to reach out to Verizon customer service. And those who are not aware of the contact options can check out the details shared below. 


Ways of contacting Verizon customer service for assistance


For users looking for details on How do I Speak to A Live Person At Verizon?  Here are contact options that one can contact Verizon support and seek prompt assistance for their issues. 


a) Phone call


For users who need immediate assistance to fix Verizon issues can dial the customer service number and follow the instructions shared below:


  • After dialing the customer service, the user can explain the issue with Verizon services.

  • Then, depending on the information shared, the user will get solutions from the live person.


b) Request a callback


Users wish to skip the hold time while contacting the live person and looking for details On how do i speak to a live person at verizon Here's the solution. 


  • For a callback, the user needs to reach out to the live person.

  • Then, the user can opt for the callback option from the announcement.

  • Once the request is submitted, the user will get a call back for assistance. 


c) Chat assistance


Another quick way to contact a live person at Verizon support is by using the online chat service. Here, the user can explain their concerns to the experts and get their queries and issues resolved in time. 


So, next time whenever a user faces any issue with the Verizon service can use the provided information and access uninterrupted services. 



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