Guide to choose Path Lights from EGLO


Aug 26, 2021

Bathe the exteriors of your home with a welcoming glow of Path Lights from EGLO. The collection of path lights at EGLO, can bring the outdoors of your home to life. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can choose path lights for your home?

Generally, Path lights are considered under Task lighting which serves the task of guiding you and your folks to reach towards your doorstep safely. Also, at the same time it enhances the decorative appeal in your outdoor lighting.
Mainly Path lights can be bifurcated in two types when it comes to the direction of the light.

  1. Upward Directional Lighting: If you wish to aim light towards an object located at a higher angel like a tree or a somewhat tall wall. Directional uplight will do its job perfectly.


  1. Downward Directional lighting: As the name suggest, Lighting that is aimed in a certain direction preferably downwards is called Directional downlight. It is ideal for highlighting a route that leads to your house and creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests

Tips to keep in mind before installing Path Lights

  1. Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

Before you begin, you'll need a transformer, a cable, and some lights. It's no secret that transformers are the powerhouse of the outdoor lighting. Follow this easy calculation to determine what size you'll need

  1. Add up the wattage of all of your lights together

  2. Multiply 1.5 to the total.

  3. To find out how much power you'll need, add up the total amount you will get from the above step.

  4. Choose a landscape lighting kit that includes everything you need to get started.


  1. Choose Quality Always 

Your outdoors are subjected to extreme whether conditions, sometimes it rains like cats and dogs, sometimes there’s scorching heat or heavy snow. Depending upon where you are living, your outdoor light has to face a lot. We suggest, Lighting constructed of high-quality brass, which is inherently resistant to corrosion can survive ever-changing weather conditions.
It comes in a variety of finishes like bronze, nickel, chrome, pewter depending upon which would suit best as per your taste.

  1. Go for LED Path lights 

Compared to regular bulbs used in outdoor lights, LED lights are a much better an cheaper option in long run. They don’t radiate much heat as compared to incandescent bulb, also it saves your electricity bill up to 75% and makes the environment around much cool and calm.




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