Best Social Media Hack to Increase Engagement in 2021


Aug 22, 2021

Social media engagement is very important because the more people that engage with your content, the more people will see your content, and the more people that see your product and services the more people will be buying from you. This results in more money in your bank. The post briefs you on how you can hack your way through those news feed to get more exposure, engagement, and eyeballs on your business. These hacks are as follows.


1. Post Consistently:

Posting consistently is non-negotiable. So, if you have to posts consistently before it kills your organic reach. The social media network rewards you for posting consistently. The more consistent you post, the more they will show your content organically for free.


So, this is really important that you need to post consistently every single day on those platforms that you want to be found on. If you’re struggling with posting continuously the post shares your best social media tool called Monthly marketing to solve.


So, if you don’t have time to create graphics and you don’t know what or when to post monthly then this marketing tools give you a marketing calendar that tells you what to post when to post and it gives you the actual content.

So, you can get graphics where you can add your logo to make them customized to your business. You can also use status and enter in personalized information for your business making it so easy to stay consistent get more organic engagement and reach more people.


Using daily social media site like Instagram will help your fans to see your daily new post. People now days want to see more content and if you keep bringing more content for them it will help you to get more fan following. Instagram having one of the good feature live streaming. It is really easy to go live and to make it more popular stream, it is very easy to buy IG live streaming viewers from websites.


2. Leverage your personal profile:

Most businesses have a personal profile where you do your interactions with your friends and family and then you have a business profile that represents your business or your brand. They are great individually. They do well on their own except when you mix them together every now and then the magic happens.


The idea is that you need to leverage your personal profile to get more exposure to your business. You don’t want to do it every day but you definitely want to intermingle the two every now and then.


When you take a business post, for example on Facebook and you share it to your personal Facebook page. And if you get some interaction on your personal profile from that shared status from your business page then your business page reach goes up. Because it’s the front of your network and it’s seeing more people and if your friends and family love you and even if they don’t hope they will leave you a comment or they will engage with that post in some way.


Then two things will happen:

i. The original post on your business will see more people, it will get more exposure and more reach.

ii. When your friend and family or even business associates will interact with that post on your personal profile. Your friend network will see your post in their newsfeed.


3. Engage First:

If you don’t leave any comments, don’t like anything, and see everything but you don’t engage well then you’re telling the social network that you’re just a passive user. When you go to post a status then they’ll be like that person just a passive user. So, they will not show your stuff unless you’re an active user.


An active user is someone that engages with other first. They’ll comment on people's profiles. they just want to get in front and start a conversation. When they start a conversation, when they engage with other people then you’re telling the social network that you’re connected in some way.


If you post a new program, a new product, or something that you know that you’ve got some friends or people in your network that are the perfect candidates for this new program or product. And if you start interacting and engaging with their content before you post your offer. And when you do post an offer then the network says these two people were engaging.


So, let show new content to this person. Since they were just having a conversation, you’re literally hacking y our way to get in front of people that you choose by engaging first. This is the hack that you can start using.


4. Comment and Interact As Your Business:

This work beautifully on Twitter or Facebook even Instagram. You need to leave really thoughtful comments on your business page, not on your personal profile.  If you go and take a couple of minutes every day and if you go to the industry influencer pr people who have similar products to what you sell.


Why you need to interact with your business if you can get in front of these people and draw them to you.  They’ll click on your profile, instead of going your personal, they’ll go to your business page and they will look at your page and see your products and engage with your content.


It works really great on Twitter because if you’re commenting as your business then it goes in front of your network and then it goes in front of anyone else comment. It will go in front of their network and then other people will be drawn in. So you will have your audience and their audience and the original person’s audience. And everyone will look at your business and so you’ll be able to draw in and attract people to your business that way.


5. Follow the Follow Technique:

If you really want to grow your following this is the technique that you need to use. It really works well. You need to ensure that you have first completely optimized social media profile. This is really important. So, when you start attracting people back to you, it’s no brainer for them to want to follow you.


You need to identify some industry influencers or people that are popular in your niche. For example, you’re a jewellery designer and you want to get followers of people who are interested in buying jewelry. Then you need to identify some of the industry leaders in your space that have really big jewellery lines and then you would go and look at people engaging with their content.


then you can go and start following their followers. You can start following people that are engaging with content or products that are similar to what you sell because once they see that this jewellery company followed you. They will probably click over to your profile and look at your jewellery.


So, it’s a really good way to get exposure to get in front of people and to attract to back to you where they can engage with your social media content. You can do this on any platform, it really works well.  You need to go follow the followers of people who already have the audience that you want to get in front of.


6. Talk to People Not at Them:

This is really important when it comes to social media. You need to be social on social media. When you’re creating your social media posts and your statuses, it’s really important you’re leaving it open to people so that they can engage with you.  You need to invite them to talk with you and be a part of the conversation.


For example, a click to read your blog post, and the second option is to your brand new blog post. You will easily tell the second option will get more engagement because you have asked for it. So, it’s really simple that you’ve created an opportunity for your fans, for your followers, for your readers to engage with you and tell you what they think.


You shouldn’t talk at them, you need to talk to them and encourage them to interact with you that engagement. This will help you get a lot of engagement.


7. Comment Bump:

This is one of the best techniques because it will really help you to get exposure.  One thing important for you to understand is that when you post something on social media, it has a life span and the life span is really short because there’s so much content coming into the newsfeed every single day.


So, it’s really important for you to understand that each post has a lifespan and how you can leverage this to help you get more engagement. so, you need to get about 20 minutes where the algorithm will measure how successful your post is and if it starts to get a lot of interaction in the beginning and you will see that most people will do their likes and comments in the very beginning. So, you need to wait until about twenty minutes is up.


If you post something and you get some good comments then you need to wait because you need to get as much exposure as you can with your first post. Then you need to start responding to the people that comment on it and that is called the comment bump. You can leverage the timing of your comment and your responses.


So, this way you can reach more people really growing your engagement because it gets in front of that person’s network. It will allow you to continue organically free be seen by more people. So the comment bump works beautifully.


8. Leveraging Facebook Groups:

You need to share business content with a Facebook group that is not yours. You should ensure to read the rules there always. And you shouldn’t be the person that doesn’t follow the rule. But you definitely should be leveraging Facebook groups to share your post from your business profile.


If you have a business post and then you need to put it in a Facebook group. The exposure will immediately go up organically and it will be seen by more people. If the people in your tribe and in your group interact with that piece of content, if they go to your business page and they start interacting then the engagement bumps it back up in the newsfeed.


It gets in front of those people network, it gets in front of your group and it really snowballs the amount of engagement that you will get to leverage all the assets that you have for your business. And you can really hack your way to more social media engagement.


Take Away:

Always trying new ideas, engaging, and keep posting always is the key to get success on he social media platforms. Hope you find this very useful. You can use these eight social media hacks in your business to start getting more engagement.


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