How to Write For SEO

How to Write For SEO | Auston Turner

Apr 15, 2021

Every site owner wants a site that ranks. However, getting to this point is not always a breeze. You should know the different phases of writing for SEO before you start. That is what you are about to read in this article. You may be wondering how to write for SEO. Read the information below:

Discover the Search Intent

Before you do anything, it is crucial to discover and analyzes the search intent. Knowing the search intent will help you to know what your readers are looking for in the market. Therefore, you will know what is most relevant at any particular time. For example, if you notice your audience is looking for a product to buy, create your content to describe the product and explain why they should buy it. The content should have all the details, including how to purchase the product.


After knowing what your readers are looking for, it is time to satisfy their intent. There is stiff competition. Therefore, your content should outstand to rank. Remember, all other SEO writers intend to satisfy the same search intent. Great content needs to have all the details readers are looking for. Have some pictures of the product and give the customers a clear picture of what they intend to buy. However, if your niche does not describe a product, you still need to address all that the readers need. This way, they will not have to look for more information from other sites. As you do so, include keywords to increase your chances of ranking.

Website crawling is significant in ensuring your site can rank. If you are a site owner and you want to crawl website pages, it is simple. Go to websites that will help you identify SEO problems and drive traffic for you.

Web crawling is something some site owners ignore. Crawling your site may be the only to rank in the search engines. A web crawler goes through your content and ensures it is perfect to be in the search engines.


Conversion is the stage most writers do not get right. As you write your content, ensure you make it irresistible o the readers. If, for example, you were writing about a product, make it luring that the readers have no other option but to click the buy button. Remember, every content needs to have a call to action. The call to action makes your content convert. Moreover, you can track your progress as an SEO writer. The content may be superb, but its value reduces if it does not convert.


Writing for SEO is not as easy as it may seem. To get it right, discover what your audience wants. After that, write great content that converts.


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