How do I recover my Dropbox password?

Nick Smith

Aug 19, 2021

If using your Dropbox account after some time and could hardly remember the password or username. Do not worry about it, as you can quickly recover your Dropbox account anytime.


The process to recover your Dropbox account:


If you forgot your Dropbox password, you could reset it on by visiting its login or sign-in page and using the link related to Dropbox forgot password. In case if you want to change your password, you can also do that. The information below will educate you and update you about this.


Steps to change or reset your password:


  • At first, go to and open the login page
  • Click on the tab sig in
  • Now hit the tab forgot password under the sign in tab
  • Type the email address that you have used to create your account
  • You will receive a password reset link from Dropbox to the mail id you entered
  • Now go to the link in the email, follow the instruction on the screen to create a new password
  • You can log in again to your account anytime.

So reading the information above, you can recover your Dropbox account anytime. You can use the Dropbox forgot password option as well, as you can also speak to a Dropbox representative anytime to recover your account.


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