How to Recover Google Account via Phone Number

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Aug 19, 2021

If you can't remember your existing Google account login password, you'll need to go through recovery, which will let you create a new one. During the process of recovering your Google account, you can obtain a verification code in either of your recovery data. To learn how to recover your account using the Google account recovery number follows the instructions below.

  • Go to the account recovery site and write your user ID in assigned field
  • Then enter one of the old passwords that you remember or tap Try Another Way
  • On the following page allow Google to send you a verification code via phone number
  • To obtain the code from Google, choose between sending a message or calling
  • Once you've received the code, copy it and paste that into the area assigned on recovery page
  • Let Google to authenticate your account with this code after submitting it
  • When Google has properly verified your account, a password reset screen will appear
  • On the password reset screen, you can now create a new password for your account
  • Finally, press the save button to save your new Google password for future use

How to Recover Google Account for Android?

If you need to recover a Google account for Android, you may do so by providing your recovery data. Before proceeding with the recovery of your Google account, Android users must ensure that they do have access to the recovery data. You may find information here to assist you in doing Google account recovery on Android if you are unable to access your account.

  • You must first unlock your Android smartphone before using the browser
  • Now insert the Google recovery page's web address and hit enter
  • Then, on the recovery window, enter your user ID in the blank space
  • Continue, and Google will prompt you to enter any previously remembered password
  • If you can't remember any of your previous passwords, choose try another way
  • Next, Google will provide you with the to receive a code in your phone number
  • For receiving a code in your number, you must choose between SMS or phone calls.
  • You may also choose to get a code through email by tapping "I don't have my phone”
  • After receiving your verification code, you must input the same in the recovery window
  • After that your account has been verified, you will be taken to the password reset page
  • Finally, on the Android device, you may create a new password for your Google account



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