5 Remote Recruiting Tips to Keep Your Hiring Going On

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Aug 18, 2021

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, it's certain that if you want to keep hiring, you'll need to shift to remote recruiting. COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, is forcing recruiters to go outside the box and reimagine their approach to hiring.

While it goes without saying that making the change will take time, many firms have previously done so and may provide lessons to others. And, we're here to help. Here are five key remote recruitment tips to help you adjust to the new normal and employ top talent from anywhere on the planet. So keep reading!

  1. Write accurate and compelling job advertising: 

When it comes to hiring, it's generally a good rule of thumb to write accurate and interesting job ads, but it's more essential when you're recruiting applicants remotely.

Make sure you clearly explain roles and expectations in order to achieve this effectively. You might need to write down whether your company is remote-first, remote-friendly, or mixed, as well as any required working hours.

  1. Create a systematic hiring process: 

Even when recruiting from afar, creating a structured hiring process is a sure-fire method to stay organized and keep things moving smoothly.

It promotes uniformity in interviews, minimizes the possibility of prejudice, and enhances the candidate experience.

The key to establishing structure is determining which stages must be followed, who is accountable for which actions, and when each assignment should be finished.

  1. Check your candidates’ equipment:

Many of us can now work from anywhere thanks to modern technology, but we still need a reliable internet connection and a computer that meets specific hardware and software criteria.

If you anticipate your new workers to work from home, even whether it's just for a short time, you'll need to know whether you'll have to give them the required equipment or if they already have a workstation set up.

  1. Use video interviewing:

Video interviewing technology has made remote recruitment easier (and more feasible) than it has ever been.

In response to COVID-19, several of the world's biggest businesses, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, are performing virtual job interviews. In different phases of the process, you should use both one-way and two-way video interviews.

A one-way virtual interview can be used in place of a phone interview, while a two-way virtual interview can be used in place of an in-person interview. Even when recruiting remotely, you may use both of these to assess prospects' nonverbal communication.

  1. Try using a work assignment in audition: 

You can use a work assignment to see how applicants perform in practice without having them on site.

Consider scheduling the job assignment to observe how well various candidates perform under pressure, and keep the task review anonymous to avoid unconscious bias.


A mine of information

A mine of information

A mine of information

A mine of information