Best vacuum cleaners that take pet hair with ease


Aug 13, 2021


Lovely pets might be a dog, a cat, guinea pig, even a pig, a bear…They add many interesting things to our daily lives. They are our friends, helps us be happier. However you need time to take care of them carefully. Most of them have hair. They usually leave hair everywhere in your house.


If you don’t clean their hair, pet hair can affect the air quality and your health. If in your family someone has allergies or asthma, pet hairs become a serious problem. So, how to solve this? A vacuum cleaner that can take pet hair with ease is the solution. On the market, what is the Best vacuum in the world for pet hair? Follow our article to find your house.


  • Henry Harry Pet vacuum cleaner



Henry is one of the most popular vacuums. They are corded vacuums that help you do the cleaning task easily and quickly. Beside normal models, this brand also offers housewives a pet specific version. This model differs in that it is equipped with a hairbrush. The hairbrush is designed to pick up pet hair with ease and more cleanliness.



You will be impressed by Henry Harry pet vacuum’s suction power. Thick patches of pet hair are swept quickly wherever they are: on hardwood floors, pet beds or your carpets. One more benefit that makes Henry Harry become a good vacuum cleaner is a big dustpan.





  • iRobot i7



One more option for your home to be cleaned without pet hair is iRobot i7. Its weight is only 3.3kg but you will feel satisfied when you do the cleaning task and know why this machine became the Best vacuum cleaners reviews . iRobot i7 does a great job of clearing your floor thanks to a combination of suction power, a spinning three-pronged brush and rubber encased foam rollers.



It is very easy to clean at any edges or floors. iRobot i7 doesn’t have problems moving from hard floors to rugs or carpets. A sensor is equipped so iRobot i7 can map the floor in your house and navigate by itself without control from you. You just need to set this vacuum going, then spend your time for other work or going outside. When you come back, it is totally clean.



However, don’t forget to charge it fully. Charge time is 2 hours. Although the iRobot i7 is good for cleaning pet hair, this model has a small dust capacity, just 0.46l.





  • Dyson V11 animal



If you are searching for the best vacuum in the world to clean your pet hair, don’t hesitate to choose the Dyson V11 animal. This is a light cordless vacuum (its weight is only 3.2kg and time for charging is 4.5 hours) that you can use all over your home.



You don’t feel cumbersome while using the Dyson V11 animal. We also don’t have difficulty in getting into tight, small corners, under furniture to clean animal hairs in just one sweep. Fine dust or your hair are swept. This vacuum is equipped with a lot of clever tech, so we don’t meet any clogging issues, too.



There are many different Best Vacuum Cleaner you can try. Our reviews are compiled based on our customers’ real-world experience. You absolutely trust the above information. We ensure that they are worth them.