How do I contact WestJet for refund?


Aug 11, 2021

Are you looking to get a refund from WestJet? If yes, then the above-mentioned details will act as a guide for you. In this situation, customers get into a dilemma about how to proceed ahead for a refund. But into the below-mentioned steps, we get to see the detailed WestJet refund policy with several other guidelines associated with it.


Let us see the procedure to get a refund from WestJet:


WestJet airlines provide a refund for canceled flights, but this is liable with certain specific terms & conditions. For requesting refunds, passengers are entitled to go through the detailed procedure of online refund proceedings. In the below-mentioned steps, we will try to highlight the points which are essential to follow for refund requests:


  • In the very first step, passengers are needed to visit the official site of WestJet airlines.

  • After getting to the homepage of WestJet airlines, navigate to the refund request form.

  • In this step, you have to fill out all the details related to your trips like Passenger name, Number of passengers, type of trip, booking reference code, and others.

  • After filling out all these details, you have to submit the information.

  • In this step, you can fill the online refund request form as you give all the details in this form and tap on the submit button. You have to request a refund from WestJet. Your refund gets redirected to the customer support team.

  • Finally, the refund requesting process gets completed.


Take a look at refund policies of WestJet airlines:


  • Every passenger needs to look out for the refund policies of the airline before requesting a refund. In the below-mentioned steps, you get to see the detailed refund policies of the airline.

  • As per the refund policies of the WestJet airlines, passengers can cancel their tickets within the timeline of 24 hours of their initial booking, and they become liable to get a total refund amount without paying the cancellation charges.

  • If the cancellation of the ticket is performed after 24 hours, the passengers are needed to pay the cancellation charges, or it gets deducted from their refund amount.

  • The refunded amount also depends on various things like ticket fare, class of the travel, and others.

  • Certain different conditions apply with the award tickets, non-refundable tickets, and others.


How do I contact WestJet for a refund?


Different ways to contact WestJet for a refund:


There are different modes by which the passengers can quickly contact WestJet for a refund. In the below-mentioned steps, we will try to highlight all the ways;


Via phone;


  1. Dial the support number of WestJet airlines; choose the conversation language.
  2. As you select the language, you get to hear the set of Automated instructions.
  3. Press the menu which is related to the refund request according to the Automated instructions.
  4. As you ta the live button representative gets connected with you. It might take some time.
  5. Now, you can ask the questions related to your refund request.


Via Live chat:


Are you looking to get connected to WestJet Airlines? If yes, then you can think about the live chat conversation. In this mode, customers have to tap the” Chat us” option, available on its official website. 


Via Email:


If you need to send a refund request to the airline customer service, you can also use the emailing mode in which you just have to compose a mail writing your proposal in the provided mailbox. 


The above-mentioned guidelines describe WestJet airline's policies regarding refund proceedings with the refund requesting steps. We get to see how to contact WestJet for a refund in various ways.


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