Will cloud computing be in demand in future?

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Aug 11, 2021

Cloud computing will definitely be in high demand in the future because not only is the field of cloud computing growing at a rapid pace but the cloud computing services themselves are becoming more and more sophisticated and advanced over time.


The field of cloud computing is growing because there is already a huge existing demand of cloud computing services and this demand will only continue to grow for the following reasons -


1. There will be increased demand for storage capacity -


There will be an increased demand for storage capacity in the future. This means that the businesses and organizations which use cloud computing will require more and more storage capacity in the future. The amount of data which they generate on a daily basis will increase and their records and accounting needs will also require increased storage.


They will not be able to arrange for this increased storage capacity on their own. They simply do not possess the technical capabilities and knowhow to build the server farms and data centers which are needed for their storage needs.


So for this purpose they will have to turn to cloud computing service providers who actually possess the technical abilities and knowhow to build data centers and server farms and can quite easily meet all the storage needs of the companies at very affordable rates.


The cloud computing certification teaches the learners how to maximize the storage capacity of a server farm or a data center. 


2. The internet will keep on becoming faster and more powerful which will increase cloud computing capabilities -


The internet is becoming more and more powerful with time. In fact, a major focus of all the research and academic work which happens in the technological world is to make the internet faster and more powerful. Right now, the main limiting factor of the technological world is the speed of the internet.


If the internet was faster then the technological world could make much more capable and featureful products and services and the cloud computing service providers in particular could expand their networks over a much wider area, deliver much more content in a shorter amount of time, and reduce the network latency times in their networks. They could also increase the data transfer rates in their networks.


All this will become possible once the internet becomes faster and more powerful and the cloud computing service providers will be able to release much more useful and helpful services. This will make the entire corporate world seek more and more services and invest more and more into cloud computing service providers.


The Cloud computing certification online discusses the increasing capabilities of the internet in detail.


3. There will be an increased need for modular software which cloud computing specializes in -


Software is becoming more and more modular and there is an increased focus on the philosophy of “one tool for one thing at one time”. So large software applications with a large number of features and functions are not preferred by software developers and by businesses and organizations anymore and are even considered as bloatware.


This kind of modular software is not easily available with the traditional software development companies because they are used to hiring large teams of programmers and assigning them to large software development projects.


But cloud computing service providers specialize in providing and developing modular software because modular software is their approach and their offering. All of their cloud computing services are modular and are independent of each other.


So businesses and organizations will start approaching cloud computing service providers in order to develop modular software which does not have many interdependencies and which can function independently of other software applications.


The Cloud computing certification online has a couple of modules on designing and developing modular software.

4. The internet of things will become prevalent and cloud computing will be required for that -


With the development of modern technology we are seeing the internet of things becoming more and more prevalent. It is fast emerging as the future of the modern society and soon all of our house appliances and common utilities will be expected to be connected to the internet and “smart” with many artificial intelligence-related functions.


This internet of things phenomenon has the cloud computing technology as its backbone. Without cloud computing appliances and devices like the Amazon Echo and the Google Watch will not be able to function at all. All of their features and functions are heavily dependent upon cloud computing technologies.


As a result, for the internet of things to become truly ubiquitous, businesses and organizations will start approaching cloud computing service providers and relying upon cloud computing technologies to produce their internet of things-enabled appliances and devices.


The Cloud computing certification online teaches the learners about the benefits and applications of the internet of things.

5. All the data and statistics are showing that the field of cloud computing will keep on growing -


There is a huge amount of data backing the trend that cloud computing as a field will continue to grow at a rapid rate in the foreseeable future, which extends as far as the next few decades at the very least.


The New York Times recently published a piece in which it was stated that the valuation of the cloud computing services field will keep on doubling every 5 years.


Now keep in mind that the field is already valued at over 150 billion dollars. So this means that the industry will become a 300 billion dollar industry in a mere span of 5 years. These astonishing figures clearly show that the demand for cloud computing will keep on increasing with time.

6. Cloud computing services are improving constantly over time -


Cloud computing services are improving constantly over time. The big players in the cloud computing field such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Compute, and Microsoft Azure are honing and refining their existing cloud computing services constantly.


They are also planning, designing, developing, and releasing new services all the time. The AWS in particular releases dozens of new cloud computing services every year to cater to the new requirements and demands which their client companies put forward to them.


As a result, with the improvement of cloud computing services, businesses and organizations will develop more and more confidence and faith in them and will subscribe to them more and more.


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