Google account recovery with the help of date of birth

David Milan

Aug 11, 2021

How to recover a Google account?

Google account, or you can say Gmail account is the most chosen webmail service these days. To recover your Gmail account, you account you can use many options. The recovery process involves two steps: the account verification process and the second is the password reset step. So let's find out how to recover a Google account using the date of birth.

Google account recovery with the help of date of birth

To recover your account using the date of birth, make sure that you remember the date of birth you feed to Google while creating your account.

Simple steps to recover Google account

1. At first, open the Gmail login or sign-in page on your system

2. Enter your username or phone number

3. Lick on the tab that forgets the password

4. On the new page opened, enter your last password

5. If you don't remember your last password, click on the tab try another way

6. Now you will get an option to recover your password using the security question or date of birth

7. Select the date of the birth option, enter the correct details

8. Now once you enter the correct details, you can go to the password restoration page

9. Choose the new password as per Gmail password guidelines

10. Re-enter your password, and click on the confirm option

11. Now you have successfully reset the password; you can log in again to your account using the new password

by using the above steps, Google account recovery date of birth can be done anytime. Apart from this, if you find any issue during the account recovery process, you can always contact google customer service by using its toll-free number. To get the number, you can go to the official website of Google.


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