How Delta agents helps customers using nomad technology tool


Apr 13, 2021

Guide on How Delta agents helps customers using Nomad technology tool


With Atlanta being its hub, Delta has created a lot of measures for its customers. It is known for the amount of comfort it gives to their customers while they are flying and while they are at the ease of sitting at their homes. Delta is more fixated at the real problems which the customer faces which involve the issues they face while they are at the premises of the airport.

Even for a situation like that measures have been made in which they have taken an initiative like nomad technology tool for smooth Delta airlines customer service. You will get a clear picture with the help of the below mentioned ways:


What nomad technology tool is?

Nomad technology is a small device which is being given to the agents who are present at the gate of the airport premises to assist the customer related to any problems they are facing or any issues that they have.


How does it work?

With the help of the small device the gate agents can easily perform the several activities for the customers:


  • Making Seat changes.
  • Rebooking the customers.
  • Checking the status of the checked baggage.
  • For Check-In of the customers.
  • Printing the tags for the customer’s bag and their boarding passes for their flights.


The benefits of the nomad technology are as follows-


  • Time Saving- It saves a lot of time for the customers as now they don’t have to go visit any particular counter and make a queue and wait for their turn. They can just do it with the help of the gate agents.
  • Convenient- Everything can be done at the ease of a device which is equal to the size of a mobile phone. Any changes the customer wants to make on their flight, they can do so with the help of the nomad technology.
  • Development- Not only this, the senior executives in operations of Delta have promised that technology like this will keep on coming for the convenience of the customers so that they don’t face any problem while they are the premises of the airport and they don’t have to roam here and there looking for answers to their problems.

Therefore, with the help of the above mentioned points one can easily understand the level Delta has reached for attaining the maximum level of Delta airlines customer service and promising their customers for the same comfort in the upcoming time as well.


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