What is QuickBooks error 3371 and Steps to Resolve it?

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Aug 6, 2021

QuickBooks is one of the most-used accounting software over the years, and part of the reason lies in the fact that it is user-friendly than its competitors and provides fantastic features. The QuickBooks Desktop continues to be a popular small and medium business apart from the availability of online alternatives available.

The downside of using QuickBooks software is the number of arcane errors that desktop users face at several stages while using the software. In this article, you will explain the QuickBooks error 3371 and its variations to resolve it.

QuickBooks Error 3371- What is It?

QuickBooks 3371 error is the code assigned to the series of errors that might cause when QuickBooks cannot load the license data. The error might cause because of installation issues on the desktop running QuickBooks.

Several QuickBooks error 3371 status code is as follows:

  1. Error 3371, status code- 1.
  2. Error 3371
  3. Error 3371, status code- 111118

You might encounter the QuickBooks error 3371 when QuickBooks cannot initialize license properties, with the fantastic reasons being the corruption of files needed or the loss of data to easily access the required information.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 3371?

To resolve the QuickBooks error 3371, follow the steps to diagnose and fix the error will help resolve the damaged file and recover all the lost data. Check out the steps in order to effectively resolve the QuickBooks error 3371.

Step 1: Reinstall the Entitlement File 

The entitlement file will include all the information to confirm with Intuit that QuickBook's installation on the system is registered and valid. And deleting the existing file and registering QuickBooks with the correct license information.

Step 2: Update Your Windows Manually 

If QuickBooks is working correctly on the Windows system and stops sudden functionality, then your system must likely not be updated with the latest Windows file. So, it is essential to update the Windows manually.

Step 3: Proceed with Clean Installation  

A clean install is required when the issue is deep-rooted. It will replace the file from the system to reset the QuickBooks software. You can easily find the QuickBooks clean install tool in the QuickBooks tool hub. With it, you can erase the program files that are not removed by uninstalling and reinstalling QuickBooks.


QuickBooks errors are complicated to diagnose. You might encounter several issues like QuickBooks error h202so it is essential to resolve it. You can fix all these issues by simply updating the Windows system, rename the entitlement files, and installing the new windows system.

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