Where do I enter my product key for Norton renewal?

Mays Jacob

Aug 6, 2021

Norton is an antivirus that protects your device from infected bugs and ransomware. To safeguard your device, you can install Norton.com set up in android, Mac, Windows, etc. It comes with various security features that you can use to fight against viruses. When you install or renew your Norton applications, the product key is important. You get the product key through the sources from where the Norton is purchased.

How to set up Norton in your device using the product key?

The product key is a keyword that comes with the Norton. To set up the Norton application, you need to enter the product key during the Norton setup process. Follow the simple steps below to install Norton on your device.

  • Go to the Norton.com setup.
  • Find your Norton product key from its source
  • Enter Norton product key on the space given
  • Now you can download the Norton setup on your system
  • Follow the onscreen instruction
  • Click on the finish button to complete the installation process
  • Now run the application to use it on your system

If you find it challenging to do it yourself, you can contact Norton.com setup help support team by visiting the contact us page of Norton.

Various sources to get product key

To get the product key, sign in to your Norton account

Go to my subscription>Norton utility premium or Norton Utilities Ultimate

There you can find your product key, click and copy the product key

  • Other sources are
  • Norton account
  • Norton online account
  • Retailer's card
  • Third-party website
  • Service provider
  • TechBench-Computer repair shop

Use of product key for activation and renewal of Norton Subscription

Follow the steps below to activate and renew Norton's subscription using the product key purchased from the store.

  • Go to the Norton page on your device
  • Open the Norton security product
  • On my Norton window, click the link open
  • Click on the tab Activate Now in the Norton product main window to activate Norton.
  • To renew your Norton subscription, click on the help tab and enter the product key under section account information.
  • When entering the product key, make sure that you are using the correct product key.
  • You can follow the steps above to renew or activate your Norton application.

So Reading the information above, you can analyze that product keys are mainly used during the Norton installation, activation, and renewal process. You can also speak to the Norton customer representative by visiting the Norton.com setup help section on the Norton web page to get assistance.



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