Recover My Google Account


Aug 5, 2021

To restore your Google account, follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned below;

Open a browser and type or click the link above.

Login with your email address or phone number, the account you want to recover

Then press the Next button

After clicking "Next", again, click "Forgot your password", which appears in the box below, enter your password.

Now, you need to enter an old password or old password that you remember in the Enter old password text field.

You will then see a text / number field where you need to enter your mobile phone number, and if you don't have a phone number, you can select "Try another method" and provide an answer to the question you gave. bill.

After entering the phone number or solution, you will see "Get verification code". To obtain a verification code, first confirm the recovery email address that you added to your account.

After obtaining a verification link or code, enter the verification code or click the link which will redirect you to the reset page.

Now you can enter your password and confirm the password in the field and confirm.

Our end! You have successfully changed your password and restored your Google account. You can now use the new password to access your Google account.

Restore your Google account using phone number

Recovering your Google account using a phone number is similar to restoring your account using an email. The change is when you put your recovery email address in this place, you have to change it to a phone number or just enter your phone number in the text field of the email or phone.

Now let's go step by step to change your email to phone number and restore your Google account with phone number.

Go to the recovery page by clicking on the link.

Now you will see the email or phone, tap Forgot email below the text box.

Now enter your phone number for the account you want to recover.

Now enter your first and last name.

Once you have completed the text field, click the Next button.

You will see "Get verification code", click the Submit button and wait a few seconds.

Then enter the code you received on your cell phone and OK.

You will now be redirected to the password reset page.

After that, reset your password by entering a new one.

Finally, log into your account and recover your account.



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