Google Sign In Error


Aug 4, 2021

What is Google Sign In Error on Android Phone?

"Google Sign In Error on Android Phone" is an error that may just be a Sign In issue, sometimes occurring when you update Play Store.

How can you fix Google Sign In error on Android phone?

Some of the solutions to this error include disabling the two-step verification process, deleting and adding your Google account, and restoring your device to its factory settings.

Solution 1. Turn off two-step verification

You may get a "Google sign in error on Android phone" if you have enabled the two-step verification process in your Google account. Disabling it may fix the error.

Note: If 2-Step Verification is disabled, go to Solution 2.

Use your computer to run any browser.

Go to and log into your account.

Click on the profile picture in the upper right and then select My Account.

RE: Google Sign In error on Android phone

A new web page will appear, find Sign In and security and click on it.

Again, a message will appear on a new web page, find 2-Step Verification and then click on it.

Again, a new web page will ask you to disable 2-Step Verification.

Then proceed to solution 2.

Solution 2. Delete and add a Google account

A "Google Sign In error on an Android phone" can also occur if your Google account is not synced with your Android device. This is common after an update. Please log back into your account. In Account Access Settings or Synchronize to log back into your Gmail account.

If you keep getting "Google Sign In Error on Android Phone", the Android service may be corrupted. Try to restore the factory settings of your device.



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