How Do I Fix If Google Search Not Working in iPhone


Aug 3, 2021

Sometimes, you may face an issue while using the Google search option on your device. Be it a smartphone or desktop, or any other device, there is no wonder in seeing a problem as you can resolve the issues with a few simple steps. Usually, it happens due to poor internet signal, and you can't find results for your queries.


Besides, there could be anything responsible for seeing an issue with your Google Search. But if you face Google search not working in iPhone issue, you should try to perform a few simple steps explained below. Or else, you can contact the customer service team of Google to get help.


Things You Should Do to Resolve the Google Search Issue on iPhone


1. Check Internet Connection


The most crucial factor that you should check is the internet. Mainly, problems arise when your device doesn't have an active connection. You made sure that the wifi is working fine, and you may try to connect your device through another wifi network.


2. Update Your Browser


Usually, it happens that you are using an older version of the Google Chrome browser. It could be a reason to face any issue while using the Google search option. So, all you need is to update the browser to the latest version. In this way, you will no longer wonder about fixing the Google search not working in iPhone issue.


3. Clear Cache and Cookies


Sometimes, when you don't clean the cache, cookies, browser history, it may cause problems while using Google Search. So, it's better to clear the unwanted files and clear the cache and cookies. It unloads the browser and offers you smooth access to Google Search. By going to browser settings, you can do the job without much of a stretch.


4. Quit Chrome


It may be the case that Chrome doesn't load when you open it. It may happen due to poor internet speed. In such a case, you need to close the browser properly and reopen the browser. It helps you get rid of the Google Search issue, and you will be able to use it without any hassle.


With the above information, you can fix Google search not working in iPhone issue without seeing any difficulty. Moreover, you may connect with the experts available on a single phone call if you find any hassle. So, dial the customer service phone number and get the issue fixed instantly. 


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