What are the tips for maintaining ceramic tiles

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Apr 12, 2021

As the saying goes: people rely on clothes, Buddha depends on gold, especially in this age of looking at the face, do not take good care of their face, it is not good to go out to meet people. As the "Facade" of home, the "face project" of ceramic tile can not be ignored. So, in our home life, how should we clean and maintain ceramic tiles?


1. Daily cleaning


In order to keep the beautiful appearance for a long time, in daily life, ceramic tiles also need to be cleaned frequently. The daily cleaning of ceramic tile, general use clear water to scrub can. If you want to clean the tiles more clean, more luster, you can also use soap and a little ammonia or the same amount of linseed oil and turpentine mixture for cleaning.


2. Clean in time

Many people think that ceramic tiles are "easy to clean", so sometimes they accidentally dirty the tiles, and they don't clean them in time. They don't repent until the stains penetrate.


In fact, there are also some stains such as oil, ink and other difficult to deal with, once placed for a long time, it is easy to bring irreversible damage to the tiles. Therefore, once soiled, should be cleaned as soon as possible with a targeted detergent; more difficult to remove stubborn stains can be soaked in detergent for a period of time before cleaning.


In the selection of detergent, alkaline detergent can be selected for oil stains, sodium hypochlorite diluent can be selected for ink, coffee juice and other stains, hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid solution can be selected for rust stains, acid detergent can be selected for lime stains, and organic solvents such as acetone and triethylene can be selected for marker pens.


3. Crevice treatment


The crevice of floor tile is the place where dirt and bacteria are most likely to accumulate, and it is difficult to scrub clean. Special attention should be paid to cleaning and maintenance. In addition to cleaning, it is better to do some preventive treatment.


Therefore, after tile paving and daily cleaning, you can brush a waterproof agent with a brush at the gap, which can play a role of waterproof and mildew prevention, and prevent stains and bacteria from attaching too much.


4. Wear repair


Sometimes the surface of ceramic tile will be scratched and damaged due to the friction of heavy objects and sharp objects, which may affect the use function and decorative effect. Therefore, we also need to deal with it in time.


For slight scratches, we can take toothpaste to deal with: gently squeeze out some toothpaste, smear the toothpaste on the crack, and then use a soft cloth to follow the direction of the scratch to wipe it. If the damage is serious, it needs to be replaced or repaired by professionals.


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