Why is my Xfinity Wi-Fi Not Working ?

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Aug 3, 2021

A Quick Guide to fix the Xfinity WiFi not working issue

Is your Xfinity WiFi connection not working? If yes, you don’t have to worry about it because you can fix the issue on your own. This issue can occur due to many unknown reasons. To know how to fix the Xfinity WiFi not working issue, you may read ahead.


The Xfinity WiFi connection not working is a very common issue faced by the users. If you are also facing this issue, you can fix it on your own by using some easy hacks. You can also seek assistance by calling on the Xfinity phone number and get the issue resolved. 


Hacks to fix the Xfinity WiFi not working issue


  • Restart the WiFi router and connect it again with your device. It will give a reboot to your Xfinity WiFi router and will fix the connection-related issue.
  • Check for the previous bills and see whether all the bills are clear or not. If not, you need to clear the previous bills to enjoy the Xfinity internet.
  • The issue may also occur due to a network outage by the company. It is usually done at the time of maintenance. In this case, you will have to wait for the issue to get fixed on its own. It will not take more than a day to get fixed. To check for the network outage, you can visit the Xfinity account and check the outage map.


If your issue is still not fixed, you can reach out to a live agent at the support team of Xfinity for help. If you have this query, How to talk to live person at Xfinity? You can check out the support section of Xfinity. 


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