How do I speak to someone at Avianca Airlines?

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Aug 2, 2021

How do I speak to someone at Avianca Airlines?

Avianca is the national carrier of Colombia as well as its largest one. It is also the second oldest airline in the world which began its operation in the year Nineteen Nineteen. It has grown on to become one of the largest airlines in the Americas.

Avianca’s services are top-notch. In order to book a flight with Avianca, you need to go to their website. You shall find the Avianca customer service there.

-As soon as you go to the website of Avianca, you need to go to the bottom of the page

-Then you click on the contact us tab.

-You find various options of reaching customer service

-One is through Whatsapp

-The other is through calling us the option

-And via social media

Via Whatsapp

Avianca has introduced Whatsapp messaging service for the benefit of its customers. You need to scan the QR code from your phone or click on the image opening Whatsapp. You can also add their number. Then you can enter your LifeMiles frequent flyer number so that you can identify yourself. If you do not have that number, you need not worry, you can always enter as a guest.

Via Call us the option

-You need to go to their contact us page 

-Then choose the country you are calling from

-Automatically, the number coinciding with your country shall appear.

-Then you need to dial that number

-Keep in mind that before getting connected to the customer service of Avianca, keep in hand all the necessary details with regards to your flights.

-After you are connected to the representative, choose your preferred language of communication

-Then various options shall be provided via the digital voice assistant.

-Wait for the option which lets you get connected to the representative.


Via Social Media

In case you are wondering How do I communicate with Avianca? then another way of doing it is through social media. Avianca has social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.




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