Adult Students – Earning a Fast Bachelors Degree


Aug 1, 2021

A Guide to Fast Degree Online Programs for Adult Learners

For adult students, many fast degree online programs are available. This article offers indispensable tips for adult learners looking to earn a fast bachelors degree.
Adult students often seek accelerated bachelor degree programs in order to either gain professional advancement quickly within their field or to launch a new career. Often times, working adult learners cannot enroll in campus-based programs because of their rigid schedules and logistical challenges, and thus end up enrolling in online degree programs.

This article offers advice on where to find fast degree online programs for adult students looking for a fast bachelors degree.

Fast Degree Online for Adult Learners – Work Experience

For adult students looking to earn a fast bachelors degree, there are a number of online programs which are willing to give professional students credit reductions for demonstrated work experience. For example, Globe University (a business school in Minnesota) offers adult learners with professional marketing experience who are interested in pursuing a marketing degree credit for undergraduate business courses.

Such credit reductions for work experience decrease the overall time it can take adult students to earn a degree, and provide opportunities for a fast bachelors degree to be earned. Adult students with extensive professional work experience in their desired field of study are encouraged to find out if programs of interest offer credit exchanges for prior experience.

Fast Degree Online for Adult Students – Competency-based Programs

Some unique schools exist which offer competency-based degree programs (such as Western Governors University).

Normative colleges and universities offer credit-based degrees in which students accumulate the required credit hours by taking a full slate of courses.

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However, competency-based programs give adult learners a portfolio of skills and knowledge bases that they must demonstrate mastery of before earning a degree. Students at such programs don't take classes, but rather learn via lectures and materials and determine when they are ready to prove mastered skills.

For adult learners with professional experience looking to earn a fast bachelors degree, competency-based programs are ideal, as adult learners are able to demonstrate already acquired skills immediately upon enrolling. This provides the opportunity to earn a very fast bachelors degree for those adult learners with vast amounts of professional experience in their field of study.

Fast Bachelors Degree for Adult Learners – Accelerated Scheduling

Adult students looking for a fast degree online should also consider programs which provide accelerated semester schedules. Many online schools, aware that adult students can only enroll part-time, build academic schedules which give such students the ability to take a solid number of courses each year.

Adult students should look for schools which offer accelerated terms of between four and eight weeks long, and which have open enrollment throughout the year (such as Saint Leo University). Accelerated terms provide the opportunity for adult students to earn a fast degree online.

Fast Bachelors Degree for Adult Students – Summer Sessions

One of the beneficial things about fast online degree programs is that they provide year-round study for adult learners. While some traditional brick-and-mortar schools provide scaled down summer course offerings, most online schools (whether run privately or by state university systems) offer full course menus during the summer months.

Summer sessions allow adult learners the opportunity to earn a fast online degree, and adult learners are encouraged to seek those programs which offer full summer learning options.

Benefits of a Fast Degree Online for Adult Learners

Fast bachelors degree programs offer adult students the ability to shift careers quickly or advance within a current career in a reasonable amount of time.

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