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Apr 11, 2021

When it comes to cartons, you have a wide choice of cardboard boxes – here you will find custom cardboard boxes in many different sizes and designs. When shipping light, small to medium-sized products, use our boxes and boxes. For medium to large packaged goods, we recommend our sturdy corrugated cardboard foldable boxes. On the other hand, our export packaging and pallet containers are ideally suited for particularly heavy and bulky shipping goods. In addition, our range includes many special cartons such as practical moving cartons or dangerous goods cartons.

Take a look around our webshop and see for yourself the quality of our packaging boxes.

Paper Cardboard stability and quality

The stability of packaging can be different, it can differ in terms of burst resistance, edge resistance and penetration resistance. So that you know what matters, we will be happy to advise you. Which cardboard thickness is the right one? You can find out more about carton stability on our expert website. There you will also find out when you should fall back on which paperthickness.

Boxes and boxes for light and medium-heavy

Our custom packaging boxes are perfect for shipping light and medium-heavy products such as printed products, textiles or samples. Depending on the shipping order and the flexibility of packaging, different versions are available:

A box with flash bottom is set up extremely quickly and easy to use. Use it to send small parts or samples of goods

Sliding Boxes are two-piece and consist of bottom and lid. The advantage: the boxes can be flexibly adapted to the size of the respective shipping company.

Folding boxes are ideal for, for example, catalogues, magazines or small sample shipments. Thanks to the ear and plug-in closure, they are quickly closed.

Browse our wide range of products and contact our ratioform experts if you have any questions. We are happy to help you and are there for you with advice and deeds.

Buy cartons - order packaging in numerous sizes and shapes online

Order packaging, moving cartons and other cartons from With us you will find cartons in numerous sizes and shapes: from speedbox cartons for light packaging goods to corrugated cardboard folding cartons with a length of up to four metres to an express container including a pallet. Whether with 1-, 2- or 3-wave corrugated board – our range guarantees the optimal cardboard boxes for your needs. You want to buy cartons and benefit from great discounts and fast delivery? No matter what quantity you need, if you order early, the goods will be with you the next day. Best of all, the higher the number of pieces, the more you save! Get discounts of more than 20% for large orders with high quantities and order cartons and other packaging online at ratioform!

Don't waste any time and grab your perfect outer packaging with additional material today! You can find your desired box particularly quickly with our practical cardboard finder: simply enter the size, quality and number of pieces and you will get exactly the right box for your requirements!



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