How to contact Google if my account is locked?

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Jul 30, 2021

How to contact Google if my account is locked?

Google take strict actions to ensure that their products and services operate according to its security policies. If there is an unusual or suspicious activity found in the user account then the Google account is locked and users cannot be accessible to any of their services.  There are some issues for which the Google account is locked for 24 to 48 hours depending on the type of activity the user has done and Google detected on the system. Their issues are:

  • Using Gmail account from multiple locations and devices.
  • Sign in to the account with an incorrect password too many times.
  • Giving access to third-party software into their account causes the misleading activity of your knowledge.
  • A large number of emails go undelivered as it is considered spam according to Google.
  • When using your account on a web browser there may be reloading issues.

To solve the issues of Google account locked customers can talk to a live person at Google to solve their queries immediately. They will help you out to resolve your issues at any time. Let's have a look over the various ways to contact Google:

Quick way to get human at Google by Phone: 

Go to the official page of Google and follow the below steps:

  • Open the Google customer support option
  • You will see the various options to speak to the live person. Choose the call option and get the Google support phone number.
  • Dial the phone number and follow the IVR options.
  • Press 1 for any account-related issues.
  • Press 2 for any payment and subscription of Google products.
  • Press 5 for submitting any complaint.
  • At last press 7 to talk to the Google representative.
  • In few minutes your call will be connected to the live person.

By Google chat:

You can also chat with the live person if you are not able to reach them over the phone call. Chat option is also available at the help and support option of the Google page.

By email:

You can also share your several problems by dropping an email about your issues to the official email id of Google available on the Google page under the help and support option.


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