How do I set up a Sympatico Email Account

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Jul 30, 2021

Wondering how to set up a Sympatico email account? Well, worry no more, as we are here to provide details regarding this context. If you are looking to set up your Sympatico email account, then you have come to the exact right place. We are about to share a step by step guide. So follow until the end. 

To begin, let us first understand how to set up a Sympatico Email Account?  Well there are certain settings that a user needs to perform manually in order to have a smooth experience with a Sympatico account. 

Certain settings ought to be performed on the device in order to utilise Sympatico email address. The users may perform the following IMAP or server settings on their devices to have a pleasant experience with Sympatico email. 

Incoming mail server (IMAP or POP). 

  • Server: IMAP- /
  • Port: IMAP-993 /  POP- 995. 
  • SSL required: Yes. 

Outgoing mail server (SMTP). 

  • Server:
  • Port: 25 or 587 (in case 25 doesn’t work).
  • Authentication required: Yes. 
  • TLS or SSL required: Yes. 


2. Process for setting up Sympatico Email on:



In case you are using an iOS device then you could follow the below mentioned settings that are going to help set up Sympatico Email Account:  


  • Open your iOS device and visit the ‘Settings’ option. 
  • Once the settings page opens up, users are then required to select the option that reads ‘passwords and accounts’. Click on the Add account option here. 
  • Select the option that reads other and click on the option that is Add mail account. 
  • On another window, users are required to fill in the information regarding their email address, name and password. 
  • Hit the Next option and you are done. 


This is how you are supposed to set up a Sympatico email on your iOS device. 



Android users are supposed to follow thee below mentioned step by step guide in order to set Sympatico email: 

  • First and foremost, open the Gmail application on your Android device. 
  • Navigate to the Settings option. 
  • Users are then required to click on the option that reads ‘add account’. 
  • Next, users are required to select the personal (IMAP) option. 
  • Click on the next option. Here, you will be taken to yet another page, where you are required to provide certain details such as your email address and password for your Symapatico account. 
  • Finally hit the Next option and you are done. 

This is how you are supposed to set up your Sympatico email on your android device. These steps should be performed manually by users. 
I hope the inclusion of this paper must have helped you as far as how do I set up my Sympatico Email Account is concerned.


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