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Apr 10, 2021

From construction to the furniture sector, from electromechanics to automotive: there are many sectors of application of an aluminum tube. For this reason, they exist of various types, with different dimensional tolerances and shapes.

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An aluminum tube is a very common element, which finds wide application in the most diverse industrial and non-industrial sectors: each application requires a certain type of pipe with certain characteristics. CHAL, a aluminium tube supplier from China specialized in high-quality aluminum products, is able to make aluminum tubes of different shapes and very small sizes. The special technology used, in fact, allows to respond completely to the needs of the customer, allowing the customization of the product.

CHAL Aluminium Corporation makes three main types of aluminum tube:

  • Round

  • Drawn

  • Rectangular

Round aluminum tube

It is a type of extruded aluminum tube in tender alloys, especially used in mechanics, construction, electromechanics and furniture. CHAL's standard aluminum tube has a minimum diameter of 5 mm and a maximum of 120 mm but, depending on the special needs of the customer, it can be created with particular mechanical characteristics thanks to the experience and the special machinery present in the company.

Framework aluminum tube

A square aluminum tube is an extruded square section tube, especially used in the metalworking, electromechanical, automotive and furniture sectors. CHAL is able to provide square tubes for complex applications with dimensional tolerances that are difficult to find on the market because they are designed and tailored to particular needs.

Rectangular aluminum tube

It is an aluminum tube widely used in the construction, healthcare and automotive sectors. The standard dimensional tolerances are +/- 0.15 mm on the side, but at the customer's request customized tubes with dimensional tolerances and particular mechanical characteristics can be made.

Anodized aluminum tube

In addition to the three types of aluminum tube presented above, CHAL also manufactures high quality anodized aluminum tubes with considerable margins in terms of size: the technology used, in fact, allows to respond to the needs of the customer and customize the tube, also making it very small in size often not available on the market. But not only that, the tubes can also be customized in different alloys so as to adapt to different types of use.

In short, an aluminum tube can be anodized by a chemical process, called anodization, which makes it immune to corrosion. It is a process by which the metal is placed in contact with oxygen, which creates an external barrier formed by alumina oxide. The outer current of a circuit, the so-called cathode, is circulated in an electrolytic cell where aluminum, which acts as an anode in an aqueous solution, catalyzes electrical charges. In this way, the tube becomes resistant to external agents, such as weather or corrosive substances.


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