How do I complain to Microsoft about Hotmail?


Jul 29, 2021

Hotmail is a product of Microsoft that helps you to keep the track of your mails. If you are facing some issue with your Hotmail, you can contact Microsoft and get the solution.

Steps to file a complaint to Microsoft about Hotmail:

  • You need to visit the contact page of Microsoft
  • There you will find a box where you need to type Hotmail
  • You will then see some common questions raised on Hotmail customer service
  • If you are not satisfied with the answers, you can sign in to the Microsoft account
  • Click on the Complaint option from Microsoft or choose Hotmail from the list of products
  • Now you can click on the Complaint department to file a complaint
  • On the Hotmail page, you will find the calling numbers of the customer representative
  • Click on the number and you will be able to talk with an agent.
  • You can describe your issue to them. They will help you to resolve your query at that very moment. 

So, by following the above steps, you can file a complaint on Microsoft. You can also fill a complaint form on the official website of Microsoft. This way you can stop wondering about how do I connect Hotmail Complaints Contacts. You can also drop your issue on the social media platforms of Microsoft.


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