Can I talk to a live person on Facebook?

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Jul 29, 2021

Are you struggling to recover your Facebook account? Do not worry about it, as you can talk to a Facebook live person to get immediate assistance. Read the information below to connect Facebook live person for your Facebook account recovery.

To get in touch with a Facebook live person, dial the helpline number of Facebook. You can get the helpline number from the internet.

·Now after dialing the helpline number

·Follow the IVR instruction on the other side

·Choose the option from the menu below

1.    Account related information, press button 1

2.    Payment related query, Press button 2

3.    In case to submit a complaint, press button 3

4.    Then to speak to a live person, press 4

So following the above steps, you can connect with a Facebook live person at any time. You can also contact Facebook customer service if not able to connect via phone. Other ways to connect the Facebook customer team is as follows.

Social media: You can post your query on the Facebook help community. The Facebook experts will review your query, and reply to it.

Facebook Chat Service: you can also chat with the Facebook team by visiting the chat link available on the Facebook web portal.

Email support: For queries that need some explanation or to share something, you can send mail to Facebook using their official mail address. The support team will go through it and respond to you within 24 hours.

Phone Support: To contact Facebook by phone, you can call on the helpline number of Facebook and connect to the Facebook live person.

So these are some ways that you can use to talk to Facebook. For additional information, visit the help center page of Facebook.

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Can I talk to a live person on Facebook?


You can also contact Facebook customer service if not able to connect via phone. Other ways to connect the Facebook customer.