Best Solar Panels Australia Review: 3 Top Quality Solar Panels


Jul 28, 2021

Looking for a Residential Solar System or a Commercial Solar System? Check out our guide to find the Best Solar Panel Brands Australia.

“"Which is the most energy-efficient solar panel?” A lot of Australians ask this question. It has become quite difficult to find the right solar panel for your home or even for your office in Australia these days due to the increase in solar energy usage.

Therefore, we have come up with a list of highly reliable, efficient, and value for money solar panels. The following information can be useful whether you plan on buying a new panel or upgrading an existing one:


Best Quality Solar Panels In Australia For 2021

Let’s have a look at Australia’s Best Solar Panels you should go for in 2021: starting firstly with jinko Solar Panels Review


#1. Jinko Solar panels

JinkoSolar is a company based in China that provides solar panels for international utilities, residential and commercial purposes, even to Australia. The company claims that its solar panels are among the best in the industry because they have certified modules and can easily withstand the impact of heavy winds and snowfall.

Solar panels from Jinko are definitely among the most efficient on the market. Moreover, Jinko Solar is a market leader in this industry, so it has been supplying solar panels for years and even to various countries internationally, including Australia. In addition to a 10-year product warranty, the company claims a 25-year performance guarantee

If your roof space is large enough, you can use Jinko solar panels more efficiently.

Tip: Do not compare Jinko solar panels with other solar panel providers since the prices might differ due to their service, their industry age, and more. Moving onto Trina Solar Panel Review,


#2. Trina Solar Panels

A leader in solar panel manufacturing in Australia, Trina has been providing high-quality solar panels for years. In terms of panel power production, Trina solar panels are at the top with a warranty of 10 years. Trina solar panels are able to withstand high winds and snow loads in Australia, making them one of the most reliable solar panels in Australia. Australia is equally enamoured with Trina solar panels, which come from China, due to-

  • The efficiency of the panels which fall into the standard category
  • It's giving the market leaders a tough time
  • Considering the efficiency gained, the cost is pretty low

Tip: Solar panels made by Trina are best when used with PV modules.


#3. Risen Solar Panels

Unlike some manufacturers, Risen Energy offers a 15 year warranty on solar panels.  Their corrosion resistant panels can be installed anywhere in Australia since they come with a certificate of corrosion resistance. They also have a Melbourne office.

A warranty of 15 years covers them if a defect in manufacturing is to blame for their failure. Furthermore, they come with a 25 year warranty, but most homeowners are unlikely to take advantage of it.


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