What is needed to become a full stack developer?


Jul 27, 2021

What is full-stack development?

Full-stack development is a field in which a programmer learns how to accomplish the task of 10 programmers alone. This means that he learns how to complete work that is equivalent to the work of 10 programmers working hard simultaneously. How to do this can be learned by getting a Full-Stack web developer certification online.

He does this by learning various technological tools and technology stacks such as the LAMP stack, the MERN stack, and many other such stacks built on top of the latest technologies in the domain of computer science and information technology.

He also knows how to complete the programming of the front-end and the back-end simultaneously. He is so skilled and competent that he is able to program both the front-end and the back-end of the software application simultaneously and is able to switch between working on either of them at will.

The full-stack developer also has the ability to apply various programming paradigms and programming techniques to the codebases of the software applications on which he works on. The full-stack web developer usually has a lot of experience and has worked on many different kinds of codebases in the past.

So he is very familiar with many programming techniques and paradigms and can make the codebases of the software applications which he works on more optimized and more efficient by applying them. These programming paradigms and techniques are taught in the Full Stack Certification Training.

Why is full-stack development needed?

Full-stack development is needed for several purposes. The first purpose is to reduce the cost which the business or organization has to incur while hiring large teams of programmers. When a business or an organization has to hire a programmer, there are several costs associated with hiring and maintaining that programmer

The first cost is the cost of assigning experienced employees of the company to interview the programmers. Interviewing the programmers and making sure that they have the skills, abilities, and knowledge to work properly at the business or organization takes a lot of time and energy. There are many other costs that are all listed in the PGP in Full Stack certification.

Then there are many HR costs associated with hiring programmers because they all have to be vetted by HR and they all have to be monitored by HR to make sure that they are following company policies fully and properly.

The next cost is that of office space. These large teams of programmers have to be given adequate space to work in. An appropriate environment has to be created so that they can work with full focus and concentration.

This necessitates the creation of a special office building in which all of these large teams of programmers can be housed and taken care of. This carries a massive cost with it and is probably the largest cost out of all the costs incurred for hiring large teams of programmers.

Then there are legal costs associated with providing all the programmers with proper medical insurance and employee benefits. Overall, there are very high costs associated with hiring large teams of programmers and thus businesses and organizations eagerly look for the solution which full-stack web developers provide.

All of these costs simply disappear into thin air when the business or organization hires a full-stack web developer instead of large teams of programmers. So this is the biggest and most important purpose for hiring full-stack web developers.

There are many other reasons for hiring full-stack web developers but due to the paucity of space in this article, we are electing to not mention them.

What should one know for full-stack development?

The following are the Full-stack certification requirements -

1. Front-end technology -

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, LESS, Angular and ReactJS.

2. Development Languages -

Java, Python, Ruby, .Net etc.

3. Database and cache 

4. Server management -

Apache, nginx server management. Running linux-based servers.

5. Version control system (VCS) -

Git and Github.

6. REST and SOAP APIs.

All of these technologies and protocols are taught in the PGP in Full Stack Development.



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