How can you receive a free Hawaiian Airlines upgrade?


Jul 26, 2021

Do you want to receive a free Hawaiian Airlines flight upgrade and are looking for information on how you can get it? Hawaiian Airlines offers travellers a free upgrade on certain terms and circumstances. . If you've been looking for information on how to receive free Hawaiian Airlines upgrades, you've come to the correct spot. If you want to know that how can I get a free upgrade on Hawaiian Airlines, here is a comprehensive list of ways to acquire a free upgrade discussed below.

Free upgrade via Platinum and Gold membership

·       Pualani Platinum/Gold members get free Extra Comfort upgrades with all Hawaiian Airlines flights to and from North America as well as international locations, depending to seat availability.

·       When applying for a first class or business class upgrades upon check-in, Pualani Platinum members will receive it for free.

·       On all flights to the Neighbor Islands, Pualani Gold members can get free standby upgrades in preferred seats, depending to availability of seats at check-in.

·       Free upgrades are given by the airlines out on the first come and first-serve basis, with preference given to Pualani Platinum over Pualani Gold members.

Free upgrade through loyalty program

·       Upgrades with Hawaiian loyalty program aren't completely free, but they're typically better than spending money for first/business class upgrade.

·       You may redeem your Hawaiian miles earned through the loyalty program to upgrade your travel for free or at a lesser price in cash.


How do I talk to someone on Hawaiian Airlines?

Additionally, you can contact Hawaiian Airlines customer service if you want any further assistance with a seat upgrade on a flight that you have booked with them. If you require any further assistance with flying services offered by Hawaiian Airlines, you may call the airline's customer support department, which provides real guidance from a team of specialists.



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