Cost to change a flight on Volaris


Jul 26, 2021

Volaris is an ultra low-cost airline from Mexico. It is second only to Aeromexico. It flies generally within the Americas, i.e., North, Central, and South America. If you are flying then you may have to change your flight schedule at times. If that is what is the case with you then you need to check out the Volaris Airlines Flight Change Policy. If you are flying within the Americas then this airline is a really cost-effective solution. And if you have some alterations in your flying planes then you can get your flight changed.

You can change your tickets from their web page under My Trips. You can pay the difference in the fare for the change of ticket and the corresponding fees.

There is one more option if you aren't willing to pay the difference in the fare then you can activate Flexibility Combo by adding it to your reservation and go for unlimited changes in your ticket. There are unlimited changes possible depending upon changes in your itinerary and also you don't need to pay the difference in your fare. You can check their website for the details.

Flying with Volaris? Check out their flight change policy

However, if you need to change your itinerary then please follow the following rules:

  • Please do it 5 hours before your departure time

  • Before you check-in. Once you get a boarding pass, changes are not possible. So, make sure that you make changes before you check-in.

  • Also making changes to your ticket is not possible if you have paid partially for it. Please pay the full price of the ticket and then you are eligible for changes in your ticket.

  • You can't change the country of origin while making changes to your flight.

The following are the steps to change your Volaris flight ticket:

  • Make the selection for flights that you want to change

  • Decide and select the date, origin, and destination

  • Make your selection for your new flights

  • Select the additional services you require

  • Complete the payment process

  • That's it? Now you can enjoy your flight.



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