How to Recover Gmail Account Through Alternative Email?


Jul 20, 2021

Next, the most commonly used way to recover Google Account is through alternate email, the correct process for which is:

  1. Open the Google Recovery window in the browser.
  2. Then enter your email. Email Address Click 'Continue'.
  3. Next, either provide an old password or click "Try another method".
  4. Next, Google will ask you to receive a code on your registered mobile.
  5. Click "I don't have my phone to leave to go to the next version".
  6. Google will then ask for permission to send the password to your recovery email.
  7. Click the Submit button to allow Google to send the password to your alternate email.
  8. Then sign in to your recovery email copy the code sent to you by Google.
  9. Then carefully enter that code into the Google Account recovery window.
  10. From now on, Google will check your account based on the code you provide.
  11. Next, the password reset option appears as soon as your account is approved by Google.
  12. You currently need to enter a new, unique password twice in the specified boxes
  13. Then click the Save button to save this new Google password for later use.

Therefore, as mentioned above, the most advanced methods of Google account recovery. If these details are not available, you can also reset your Google Account by answering the security questions. Also, if a user encounters any issues during account recovery, they can directly contact the Google team for further assistance.





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