Benefits of Online Sociology Classes for UPSC

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Jul 19, 2021

One of the most popular UPSC optional subjects is sociology. Many aspirants choose sociology for various reasons. First of all, the syllabus of sociology is concise as compared to other UPSC optional subjects. Since the syllabus is short, one can grasp the concepts at ease. Further, there are some portions in the UPSC sociology syllabus that overlaps with the general studies paper. Therefore, once you study sociology, you will automatically get prepared for UPSC general paper. This is why many aspirants today opt for online classes for sociology optional that various UPSC coaching centers in Delhi provide.

Advantages of online sociology classes

Given below are some reasons as to why you should join the online sociology classes UPSC:

  1. First of all, the online sociology classes offer you the utmost comfort and convenience. Therefore, you can attend the classes according to your flexibility. Often, the UPSC coaching institutes upload recorded classes. Therefore, you can go through them whenever you are free.

  2. Secondly, the online sociology classes allow the students living in remote areas to get the proper education they require. There are many candidates who, due to lack of transportation or communication problems, do not get adequate training for the UPSC exam. For them, the online sociology classes are a boon.
  3. In online classes, students get the chance to interact well with their mentors. So often, in offline classes, it has been found that students cannot resolve their problems, or they feel shy to come forward and clear their doubts. For students like these, online sociology classes are a perfect opportunity.
  4. Since many UPSC coaching centres have started online classes, they provide the required study materials to the students as well. Hence, IAS aspirants who cannot join the sociology UPSC classes in person will no more be deprived of the standard study materials.
  5. In online sociology classes, the mentors will tell you the strategies you need to follow for better preparation. Without compromising your home's comfort, you will learn the techniques that you need to follow to complete the syllabus quickly.
  6. For better preparation, the UPSC coaching centres conduct mock tests to check out how prepared the aspirants are. Mock tests are conducted both online and offline. Once you finish the paper and submit it online, the mentors will check the paper and get back to you to clarify your doubts. Then, sessions will be organized online to discuss the answers.

Why choose sociology in an optional paper?

There are many optional subjects. However, candidates prefer choosing sociology for the optional paper for the following reasons:

  1. It has been noticed that candidates who have taken up sociology have performed consistently well over the years. Year after year, students are choosing sociology as the optional subject to secure high marks. Further, the rank holders of UPSC have opted for sociology for their optional paper. Besides, sociology can help candidates secure high marks as well.
  2. The syllabus of sociology has topics that overlap with the general studies paper. Therefore, preparing for sociology will automatically make you prepared for the general studies paper. In addition, thorough research of the subject and proper guidance on the subject will help one understand sociology topics better.
  3. Further, many study materials of sociology are available, which is why students can gather materials without any hassle.
  4. Taking up sociology as the optional subject will help one in the interview round.


Therefore, online sociology classes for UPSC can be attended by many candidates, especially the ones who live in remote areas and do not get a suitable facility for proper education


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