How do I contact Facebook with a locked account?


Jul 19, 2021

Get In Touch With the Facebook Live Experts With Locked Account

Got your account locked on Facebook? And have you tried recovering it but couldn’t find anything helpful? Well, such situation can be quite frustrating and can prevent you from getting access to your important social media updates. However, you can also try the following tips to recover your locked FB account.

  • Try resetting your password by using recovery information.
  • Find your account via using Facebook account recovery page.
  • Use the trusted contacts option to get back your account.

Alternatively, you can also contact the Facebook support team to get better assistance on your account recovery. However, if you have been wondering How do I speak to a live person at Facebook, then here’s what you need to learn.

How to Speak To Facebook Support Team Via Quick Ways?

Via Phone

You can speak to the live experts regarding your Locked Facebook Account in real-time and get quick assistance. This is possible if you dial at the direct helpline number and follow the on-call instructions to get through the live experts. Also, you’ll get thorough assistance on your locked account and any other Facebook-related issues.

Via Live Chat

Facebook’s live chat option can also help you to get through its customer support team. You can use your Facebook mobile app to talk to live experts without any hassle. Besides, the live experts are available 24/7 through both phone and chat support options and can provide you on-time help as well.

Moreover, if you wish to get real-time assistance on your Locked Facebook Account and other related issues, then you can contact the tech experts via the phone support option (recommended). Also, the phone support option has instant turnaround time and the experts are available 24/7 you can speak to a live person at Facebook to assist you with reliable solutions and information. 


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